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You know you're not very well liked when ...

You get a shoe hurled at you!

I’m sorry but in a totally schadenfreude (getting pleasure from the misfortune of others) manner, I thought this was really funny (President George W Bush’s response to the shoe throwing is funnier though!). Okay, okay, so it’s not the nicest thing to wish to anyone but this goes to show that security personnel would need to worry about more than just checking for arms and weapons.

Now, will there be a ban on shoes to press conferences and future events involving world leaders?

Seriously though, the couple of news report I’ve read (and here) mentioned that there was blood on the carpet (but the source of it is unknown) and that the media organisation that shoe-thrower comes from has not heard from the reporter and that his mobile phone is switched off.

I hope he is fine.

p/s Sorry I’ve been so quiet folks. Between work, the show and my flu, I’m absolutely knackered!

7.28pm Malaysian time (+8 GMT)

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  1. Somebody said Bush is a ninja. I really wish the shoe hit right in his face. What a miss!

  2. In future is beter to :
    1. Ban shoes, recorder, handphone, pen and anything can use to throw at the celebrity or VIP during the press conference.
    2. Put up a glass divider
    3. Tele-conferencing in group
    Hope you dont mind. I just want to busy, busy here a little.
    Have a wonderful day!

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