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Yasmin Ahmad's Have You Flown AirAsia Lately?

See, once I get started on posting YouTube videos here, I can’t stop.

My friend Su Ann (or PinkPau, to bloggers) posted this on Plurk and Twitter and I just had to share it! It’s sooooo cute.

Well, the little kid is anyway. But the concept behind it is really nice too 😀

1.15pm Malaysian time (+8 GMT)

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There are 4 responses to “Yasmin Ahmad's Have You Flown AirAsia Lately?”.

  1. the ads concept is funy (this little boy so kawaii)

  2. Skankiest small boy ever :) Love it!

  3. Paul: Careful, he might grow up into you! 😛 hahaha

  4. Adilah responded:

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    Niki, you’re a journalist, right? Well, why don’t you actually do a story on something valid like this – on AirAsia’s appalling maintenance, or investigate the facts here How come The Star keep ignoring the story that’s right under their noses? You’ll look very silly one of these days. That said, nice blog. Ax

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