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Watching Kylie Minogue's Anti-Tour Live in London

So, last night, I finally got to watch Kylie Minogue live in concert, thanks to the generosity of my friend Leigh.

Kylie, triumphant

Picture by Adrian/Acediscovery from Flickr under Creative Common License.

If I was going to be completely honest, just a week ago, I didn’t even know she’s performing in London. I’ve heard of her Anti Tour, which is held in conjunction with the 25th anniversary of her first hit Locomotion, but I didn’t know the dates.

My friend Leigh was kind enough to invite me along with him. Unfortunately, in the end, he couldn’t make it but treated me to the concert anyway. I took my friend Joe along.

Now, while I have heard about the Anti Tour, it didn’t occur to me until the day before the concert that I wouldn’t get to hear her hits. The Anti Tour is dubbed B-Side, Demos and Rarities, which hints at the kinds of songs that she’ll be singing. Still, I was pretty pumped up – after all, how often does one get to watch Kylie?

I was even more excited because I was pretty bummed out that she was scheduled to perform in KL last month (although that didn’t happen due to organizational issues) when I wasn’t back home.

I’m not going to share any pictures I took because they were all, well, crap. It’s hard to take shots of a concert (due to the lighting) from an iPhone, and I thought we wouldn’t be allowed cameras in (that’s what concerts back home are like!) so I didn’t bring my good one along.

Anyway, I digress. I promised Leigh I would blog about the concert so here it is.

First things first, I only knew three to four songs (and even then it was vaguely familiar). Still, that didn’t stop me from really enjoying the concert. In fact, even though the concert was pretty much stripped down (no fancy costumes, just a band and some backup singers), the entertainment quality was top notch.

In fact, I found myself wondering how she didn’t have more hits if these songs were so good and enjoyable to listen … live!

It was a bit strange when she came on stage in just a T-shirt, shorts and very ‘blinged’ shoes and hat. Other than a different hat and top during the encore, she didn’t change at all (although she did remove the hat midway through the show).

I think that because of the stripped down feel, the concert felt very cozy – almost like a bar performance – even though it was at the HMV Hammersmith Apollo. The only fancy thing in the show, production wise, was the lights. I really loved the effects and it gave us a touch of the Kylie camp that we’ve come to expect from her.

Joe and I were seated at the upper circle but still, there was a good connection with her. We could see her quite well (no need for binoculars!) but I think credit has to be given to her for great rapport. She joked, laughed and connected well with the audience. At one point, she dropped her lyric sheets (she needed some help I guess, seeing as these aren’t her usual routine of songs) but the crowd sang along and helped her through it.

She apologised and thanks everyone for helping her through – but she was so sincere, no one took any offense!

It did feel like she was really, as Joe put, “bogan-ed it up” – she sounded more Australian than I’ve ever heard her from all the interviews I’ve heard and watched! Maybe because she’s had such a close connection to the UK that she overcompensated her “Aussieness”. I actually turned to Joe and said – gosh, she sounds so much like Dannii (her sister, for those of you not in the know – this reference is for you Leigh)!

By the end of the night, even I didn’t want the concert to end (of course, all the beer and me dancing just got me into a really partying mood). I left feeling quite amazed to be honest – as I said when I live tweeted for R.AGE from the concert – it really takes a special kind of artist to be able to do a tour solely on b-sides, demos and rarities and get away with it. She even said at the end that there were dozens more songs she could do that would fit the theme.

Considering how many hits she’s had, it must be one heck of a discography.

Thanks again Leigh (SUYL)!

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  1. i heard about this too late, heard about it only after the tickets were sold out (it sold out in 2 hours apparently in melbourne)..

    oh well..till next time!

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