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Wang Lee Hom's address to the Oxford Union

I really enjoyed this talk by Wang Lee Hom, in an address to the Oxford Union.

He said, in talking about the “East” and the “West” that music breaks down the walls and “shows us quickly that we are more alike than different”. There’s so much he said that can be used as an analogy for the times we live in currently.

I roughly transcribe my favourite points here: “Get to know one another, think for yourself and don’t believe the hype … If we can just disregard what the Governments and the media is saying, with our own tools of critical thinking can we build relationships that actually see one another as individual human beings and not faceless memories of a particular ethnicity or nationality.”

Thanks to my friend Soon Wei for sharing this on Facebook. Best 30 minutes I’ve spent on a Sunday morning. At the end of his speech, he mentioned a mix-tape that he created. You can access it here.

Wang Lee Hom

Wang Lee Hom

Note: The picture above was taken from Hung Ho Yu Photography from Flickr via the Creative Common License.

10.40am Malaysian time (+8 GMT)

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  1. Amy responded:

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    Thanks for sharing. Made my Monday morning in office a pleasant one!

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