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Wang Lee Hom does Michael Jackson's Man In The Mirror

I’m not sure when this song was recorded (so I don’t know if it was a tribute after Michael Jackson’s death), but wow, what a great rendition of MJ’s Man In The Mirror.

I think he put in some elements of the er hu (or something other classical Chinese instrument) and the piano gets a bit jazzy at some points. I’m not a big fan of Lee Hom (mainly ‘cos I don’t understand Chinese) but I really love this.

So wanted to share it with you this weekend. Thanks to James for sharing this.

2.36pm Malaysian time (+8 GMT)

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  1. jack responded:

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    I’m a big fan of leehom !!! haha.. thanks for sharing.

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Niki Cheong, Joyce Wong. Joyce Wong said: it's REALLY nice,thanks! RT @nikicheong On my blog: wang Lee Hom sings Michael Jackson's Man In The Mirror. […]

  3. That’s pretty cool actually :)

  4. Awesome song sang by another awesome singer! One day, I shall listen to Niki singing to “This Is It”

  5. thanks for sharing =)

  6. Thanks for sharing Niki =D
    New elements have been added to it

  7. celcom!.. haha
    love the song though.. and love the leehome version better.

  8. Jack: You’re welcome!

    Paul: I know right!

    cwazy: Er, you want to go deaf? :oP

    Ken/TianChad: You’re welcome. It’s great huh?

    izzat: It’s my favourite MJ song! Not sure if Lee Hom’s version is better. But definitely very different!

  9. Charmaine responded:

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    Yeah, Lee Hom recorded his own version as a tribute to MJ. Lee Hom’s an MJ’s fan you see. He even burn 10 000 copies of this song and distributed it free to his concert-goers in Taiwan. I love this version. Unique and interesting :)

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    This post was mentioned on Twitter by nikicheong: On my blog: wang Lee Hom sings Michael Jackson’s Man In The Mirror.

  11. JANE responded:

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    fantastic voice n nice version

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