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Video: My Singapore Flyer adventures with the AJF Fellows

In all my trips to Singapore, I never actually made much of an effort to head over to the Singapore Flyer. After all, I had already been on one of these when I was in London. The closest I ever got to it was when I was in Singapore for the Nike+ Human Race 10k run two years ago (the meeting point was right next to the Flyer) but I ended up being too tired to bother.

Singapore Flyer

However, a couple of weeks ago, while attending a conference, one of the visiting journalists from Malaysia Aniza Damis mentioned that she wanted to check it out. I figured it would be nice day out so we asked around and in the end, five of us (four from the Asia Journalism Fellowship by Temasek Foundation and Nanyang Technological University) decided we’d head over to check it out. Best part was one of us – Serene Luo – could get us a discount!

So we were off on a flight (kinda!).

Security check

When we got there, we had to go through the usual security checks (like an airport). If the image above looks a bit strange, that’s because it is. Along the way to the X-ray machine, videos of the “X-ray” was showing with funny items in bags. It was very light-hearted and really, for me, the start of the fun. I was most entertained (more pictures in the video).

Along the stretch before getting to the Singapore Flyer capsule, there was a lot of interesting things to see (I suppose this was a really smart way of entertaining people who might be in the queue on a busy day at the Flyer). Many were cute, some were fun and others were educations. Such as this big screen which had a picture of old SIngapore. Except that you can point “spotlights” on the screen and it will show how the same spot in Singapore looks like now.

Old and New Singapore

I won’t write too much about the ride itself, I’ll let the video do that talking! Check it out:

Hope you enjoyed the video. It was a really fun ride, and a nice way to end our week (the conference was quite intense!). If you like the video, please go to my YouTube page and click “Like” for the video. You can also subscribe to my “Channel” there so that you get updated whenever I have a new video out (which appears to be getting more and more often these days!).

Oh, and just for memento sake, a picture of me on the Flyer.

Niki on the Flyer

8.57am Singaporean time (+8 GMT)


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  1. is it just on my lappie or is the video not in the article? and you’ve browned..

    • Oh no, you’re right. Not sure what happened!

      It’s back up now.

      And have I? 😛 Must be the fake tan. 😛 Hahaha

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