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Trialing the Nike LunarGlide+

Well, okay, so I’ve tried it out at the Standard Chartered KL Marathon two weeks ago but I thought I’d join a whole host of people at the Nike Malaysia office at The Curve, Mutiara Damansara, on Thursday for a short run.

Nike had invited loads of people (I didn’t know so many people would be there!) including celebrities, elite runners, not-so-elite runners, bloggers and us media types. The objective of the event was to introduce everyone to the Nike LunarGlider+ (which I blogged about previously here).

I won’t write much about the shoe but will leave you to read the initial reviews by a couple of runners who were there including Ribbit, City Boy, Average Joe, Carboman and Frank.

Me talking

Because I had tried the shoe before, and that my first run was at the Nike+ Human Race 10k, I was asked if I could just speak for a couple of minutes of my running experience, why I took up running (and didn’t stop) and a bit about my experience with the Nike LunarGlide+. I was very nervous (maybe not so obvious in the shot above taken by Jamie @ Carboman – with all those pro-runners in there, who am I to talk about running?

But I think it went well (at least no one told me off!). I just spoke about how I was cajoled into running the 10k last year when the last time I ran (other than a few minutes in the gym) was when I came in Top 200 for merentas desa (cross country) while I was in school. I also talked a bit about not having enough knowledge, leading to my four months of physio.

Before I spoke though, Nike Malaysia’s Marketing Manager Menaha welcomed everyone, then their product specialist Wong talked about the technical stuff. Then they got Yin, a “core” runner to speak (I was the not-core speaker!). Following me was’s Rudy, who looked really good and fit!

There was a bit of rain so our run was slightly delayed but we finally did a run (there were two routes, the one I took was 2.7km) in the drizzle. But it was all good fun because of the relatively small group (well, at least compared to the proper runs) and caramaderie among everyone. There were those who NEVER run who tried it too so kudos to them! I hope they start running after this!

In the pictures above, clockwise from top: Wong talking about the state-of-the-art technology used in the LunarGlide+, Menaha introducing Yin, the media folks looking really pancit after the run, Lionel who I just recently met, Joyce the KinkyBlueFairy and Amanda (yes, they ran!) and the elite runners stuffing themselves after the run.

Frank, Pueh Tian and Carboman

All five out us who was at the Nike+ Human Race 10k last year were also at the event; it was nice to see everyone again. I think Jamie left the gap for Richard (who’s not in the picture but ran with us) between himself  and Frank and PuehTian.

Of course, these days, it’s not fun meeting so many people without proper cam-whoring shots. I think we took like five versions of this shot, so it wins and gets featured here. Azura, Sarah Lian, Rudy (Check out his pink towel. Heh), myself and Amanda.

Cam whoring

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  1. Fun Fun Fun! That’s how I described the event. Darn I miss the times we all had at last year’s Human Race. Sadly, Alison has left Nike too.

  2. *pandaaa responded:

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    HAHAHA! Pink towel for the win!

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  4. […] media. It was great catching up with many of the familiar faces again, including Richard (TimeOut), Niki (Bangsar Boy), Pueh Tian and Frank – all of whom were part of the party down in the Singapore […]

  5. amir responded:

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    can i have organization chart for this company in malaysia only? pls help me niki

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