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Thursday night at Zouk for the Beyonce I Am... Pre-Concert party

Good thing that today is a day off for us at the papers because it’s press shutdown. Tomorrow is Deepavali and there is no publication of the newspaper, so we all get the day off (well, we all take the day off, rather). Considering the night I had yesterday, I needed the day off.

So last night, when Elaine asked me to accompany her to the Beyonce I Am… Pre-concert party at Zouk Mainroom, organised by Hotlink and Guess, I was all up for it. I didn’t know much about what was happening but I ended up catching up (and getting sloshed!) with old friends so it’s always a good night out.

Excuse the bad quality pics. My phone died on me and I had to use an even older phone. Sigh. (On a separate note, iPhone 3Gs, here I come!)


Among the many activities the organisers planned was a breakdance performance (or b-boy dancing – I couldn’t see so well, many heads blocking me!). There was also a Guess fashion shoot – obviously – and they had a special video from a concert or something of Beyonce’s. They were giving away goodies, including a chance to go backstage at the concert, so they had like a dance off competition. Adam C from and Zher Peen from 8TV (not seen her since our Nike+ Human Race 10K Ambassador’s Challenge photoshoot!) were the emcees for the night.

Adam C and Zher Peen

I got there rather early and we were ushers to the VIP section where Deborah Henry, Stephanie Chai and the Chong Sisters – Vanessa and Pamela – among others were already there. Later, I managed to catch up with my fellow Nike+ ambassador Rudy from who was there with Ean. Also there was Xandria (who owes me a big meal for missing my birthday!) and Yuri, Sazzy Falak and Nash, my fellow Ruumz judge Sarah Lian (who’s left the country again today!) and Hansen Lee, Jonathan Putra, Ben Ibrahim, Jojo Struys and more. Yeah, quite a lot of people there.

It was freezing and everyone tried to share Steph’s pashmina. She offered it to me but I didn’t think it suited my style. hehe She and Elaine managed to use it as a prop to pose for the photo below too.

Adam C and Zher Peen

Towards the end, there was a special dance performance by the Beyonce dance flash mob folks. They were previewing their dance to the crowd, and will be surprising Beyonce with it. Well, unless Beyonce reads my blog, it will still be a surprise lah. My cousin Kevin, who’s getting married next month, was one of them. They pulled a few celebrities out towards the end to learn some dance moves, and I, er, took some pictures and then tumpang glamour and danced along. Tak malu. This is a video taken by Joshua Ong of the dance preview.

I stayed back till about midnight. After the event ended, some of us went upstairs and caught up more and, er, drank more. It was good fun. We took some pictures too, so I’ll end this post with a camwhore picture of some of us!


6.17pm Malaysian time (+8 GMT)

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  1. Awesome party to kick off the Weekend’s Massive concert… ^^

  2. For anyone wanting to join the mob during Beyonce’s concert, get more info at

  3. Kennee: Hey Kennee, were you there at the party also?

    klubbkidd: Good luck with the flash mob, Joe.

  4. ahahah nex time i will not look at girls so much bleh!

  5. Awesome stuff! I’m looking forward to the Beyonce dance mob this weekend!

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