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[ADV] The Tiger roars for Oktoberfest

Okay, confession time, I’ve never actually attended an Oktoberfest event in KL. In fact, the last Oktoberfest party I remember attending was as a student while studying in Australia. I’m not sure why I’ve not been – maybe just bad timing?

Well, this year, I made it to the one at Sid’s TTDI last Thursday and no, it’s not because I was promised a beer maid’s costume … or that I’d be groped!

Taken advantage of!

I found out that lots of my friends were going to be there and it was my first week back at work after my long trip so I thought, hey, any excuse to have a drink, no? Most important, I was there to help make up Team Tiger together with the Cheesilicious er, Cheesie!

Cheesie and I

I didn’t realise it until she pointed it out, but we’re actually wearing the colours of the logo for Tiger beer – blue and orange. It was going to be a good day for the Tigers. Roar!

What’s this whole team thing about? Well, some of us Nuffnang bloggers got together to challenge each other to see who could get the most people out to have drinks with us. Cheesie and I were leading until Kyspeaks (who is from a different team) started cheating (hehe!)!

But it’s all in good fun. Speaking of Nuffnang, it’s always nice to party with them and I’ve not seen them in a while so I made sure to get a picture of them so I don’t forget how they look like (from left: Karen, Huai Bin – who’s not a Nuffie, mind you – Yuen Yee, Fresh the #nikisitter and Nic).

With the Nuffies

So besides awesome drinks at Happy Hour prices all night, there were also lots to do at the Oktoberfest party. For one, there was the very entertaining music (although me being the shy guy that I am, stayed far away because they kept trying to get guys to dance along with them).

Two left foot lah, even if it is a German dance!


There were also some games and competitions all night at the event hosted by Phat Phabes but I was too busy enjoying my Tiger Beer to actually participate (hey, I got my priorities right!).

There was a moment when we were standing near this barrel (for what I assume is a barrel moving competition) and we thought that Karen would do well.


But quite fail. 😛

As always, parties like these are great to catch up with friends. Dustyhawk (left) got his caricature done (it was free!), Jessicat showed off her drink vouchers while the Sixthseal and I just kept drinking.

It was also good to see Joyce and Joshua there.

Joyce and Joshua

Should have moved the camera to the left a bit because then you could see the Tiger Beer container too.

There was a good deal that night with Tiger. If you got the 1 litre mug, you only pay RM50 and you could keep the mug. You can see Carlos Palma, the country head of Nuffnang Phillipines, getting some help from Cindy to hold it up.

Cindy and Carlos

Recognise his hands? I think it was one of those groping my breast from the first picture! *gasp*

Anyway, besides the Oktoberfest mug, folks were also getting a bucket of five Tiger Beer pints for free when they spent more than RM200 on food. Lots of people were starving so I think quite a few pints were given out. 😉

But don’t fret if you missed the promotions, there is another one happening that you can join in even if you missed out on the event.


Nope, you don’t get these girls but if you grab a pack of 12-beer cans of Tiger at participating hypermarkets, you get a free Oktoberfest hat, just like the ones they were wearing!

But I digress, back to my friends. It’s always a nice surprise to meet people who you don’t expect to meet. I’ve not met Peter Hoe in ages so it was good to catch up. Here he is in a picture with Shirley!

Peter and Shirley

To say it was a fun night would be an understatement. Can’t believe I’ve missed out on previous Oktoberfest parties! We’re almost done for the year but if you’re in Kota Kinabalu, there’s one happening at The Waterfront tomorrow (16th!) so make sure to check it out.

Otherwise, it’s next year! I’ll leave you guys with this parting shot, probably my favourite from the night of Fireangel attacking an oblivious Eyerizzz while Suanie looks distracted.

Fireangel, Eyerizzz and Suanie

Don’t worry, not Eyes or Rizzz’s were hurt during this shot.

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  1. KY responded:

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    hahaha first pic is classic!

  2. niki, i like the first picture dude!


  3. Where’s our camwhore picture?!!! ahahahahaha ;P

  4. first pic is an instant classic hahaha!

    good to see you there niki! 😀

    • Yeah, come out more often … or invite me to more stuff lah. Ha ha Shameless.

  5. LOL – “As always, parties like these are great to catch up with friends. Dustyhawk (left) got his caricature done (it was free!), Jessicat showed off her drink vouchers while the Sixthseal and I just kept drinking”

    *confused* Is the photo not loading? T__T Cos i can’t see it! Or did u miss out a photo of Dusty, me and Huai Bin there ah? What (left) ? Hehe

  6. having a fun times..

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