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The Bangsar Boy: Comparing Hong Kong and KL

In my column today, I share my latest travel adventure. I know it seems that I travel all the time but this was the first trip I’ve made which was not work related since a two-night trip to Koh Lanta in Thailand very early last year.

As always, when I make trips to big cities, I love to compare it to KL City. This fits most with the concept of my The Bangsar Boy column of course.

My trip to Hong Kong (which I will blog about tomorrow – but wanted to share some pictures with you guys – especially those who are visiting via a link from my article on Star Online today) was with my best friend Adam who flew in from London.

Adam and I against Hong Kong skyline

In the article, I said:

It was strange for me going to Hong Kong for the first time. While I am used to idle chatter in a variety of language on the streets of KL, listening to conversations in mostly Cantonese was slightly disconcerting … even if it was the only Chinese dialect I speak.

Indeed, it was strange seeing all these people – who really didn’t look all that different from Malaysia but listening them speak in a strange foreign language. And the signs! Eeks!

The colourful bright signs of Hong Kong

I also talked about what an ideal place Hong Kong was for me and Adam to meet up at:

Exploring a city like Hong Kong was great for two friends who have not seen each other in a couple of years because it is foreign enough for us to explore and be adventurous, yet it is cosmopolitan enough for us not to worry too much about culture shock and what surprises may lay in store.

Hong Kong from The Peak

More pictures and stories as I blog about my trip tomorrow. In the mean time, you can read the article here.

11.44pm Malaysian time(+8 GMT)

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  1. wish i can travel much too 😀

  2. Sounds like you guys are having a great time, i really like some of your photo’s too.

  3. True, there are lots of amazing sights, great shops and good food in Hong Kong. By the way, don’t forget to bring your camera or video cam so you won’t miss the fun and the great views, if you have plans of Traveling to Hong Kong.

  4. […] speak Chinese, that taught me Cantonese (I jest, of course). Well, this year, I finally managed to make a trip for the first time to Hong Kong – the setting for most of those shows – and with my […]

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