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My dissertation

That's it for my MA Digital Culture and Society

My dissertation

I don’t remember the last time I actually went a month without updating my blog but I suppose that priorities do come first. In the case of September, my priority was obviously my MA Digital Culture and Society dissertation which was due just before my birthday. Well, as the image above shows – it’s done.

Today is my official deadline although I did manage to finish it last week. I took a bit of last week off to relax a little after a pretty stressful six weeks trying to complete the paper and also got busy with the many London Social Media Week events.

This week, however, I have decided to get productive again although I’m still figuring out how and why. The natural thing would be to find a job and plan for my future but things are not turning out to be too easy to contemplate.

For now, however, I thought I needed to acknowledge the completion of my Master’s degree (provided I don’t fail when the grades are out later this year!). It’s been quite an amazing year for me and I really enjoyed the programme at King’s College London.

I thought I’d also take this post as an opportunity to thank some people:

First and foremost is my personal tutor and dissertation supervisor Dr Tim Jordan who has been nothing but helpful, supportive and extremely knowledgable. I felt like I learned a lot from him and I truly appreciate his patience with me all year long!

With my dissertation specifically, I need to thank Rafaelle Viglianti, Danny Holland, Maya Desai, Adam Ivey, Mike Webster, Rev Sivin Kit, Ann Marie Chandy, Ivy and my sister May. Soon all of whom contributed in different ways as I attempted to compile, analyse and (re)write my paper over and over again.

My three closest buddies (read: drinking buddies) in the course who made me giggle all the time in class – Bentley Yaffe as well as Danny and Maya I mentioned earlier.

Of course, my many lecturers and other classmates who I have worked with throughout the year.

Finally, to the British High Commission of Kuala Lumpur, the British Commonwealth and Foreign Office and King’s College London for the funds through the British Chevening Scholarship programme!

Many people have been asking me what happens now. I’m not sure to be honest. For the moment, I’m taking some time out to figure out life and see a bit more of London (and beyond).

This is a good juncture, I suppose, to introduce a small little project I have just started called A London A Day, which will feature one new thing about London for five days a week. I’m just trying to make the most of what time I have left in this city so I thought it might be a fun thing to do. We’ll see how it goes.

p/s Some people have asked if I will make my dissertation public. I am not sure yet to be honest but I won’t be making any decisions until it’s been marked of course. :) Stay tuned!

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  1. Sivin Kit responded:

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    Awwww … So nice to be part of your adventures.

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