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Relay for Life Kuala Lumpur is tonight!

Just a quick short post to make one last plug for Relay for Life Kuala Lumpur, happening at the MSN Training Stadium in Bukit Jalil from 6pm tonight to 10am tomorrow morning! I’ll be there with almost 30 other social media folk (and an expected >7,000 people) to walk for the National Cancer Society of […]

My 2009 - The Year That Was

I am known for my punctuality *cough* This would explain why I am only posting this list up today, on Jan 3. But I guess it’s still new year-ish, and therefore still appropriate for me to reflect back on 2009.

Niki Cheong turns 30: The Pictures!

In case you were wondering, no, I wasn’t timing this post to coincide with my actual birthday. I had a party at Urbanattic in Cap Square on Friday for a couple of reasons: 1. My actual birthday is a weekday and 2. Saturday was the eve of Hari Raya. I’m glad I did because I […]

RIP Yasmin Ahmad

What a way to sober up. I was at the Hennessey Artistry event at Bukit Kiara Indoor Arena when I saw a tweet by Sazzy Falak sending her condolences to the family of Yasmin Ahmad. Now, considering the incident a couple of days ago when Yasmin’s passing out was interprested as “passing on”, I wanted […]

Celebrating Michael Jackson's legacy in Kuala Lumpur

Yesterday (well, technically two days ago) was quite a full day for me. After the run in the morning (and nap in the afternoon), I joined Yin, Lionel and their running friends for dinner in Section 17 to celebrate completing the run. While I was there, I received a text message from Ian asking if […]

My Relay for Life experience

What a night! My feet are tired (not so much from the walking, but more from standing!) and strangely my arms are tired too (must be all that photo taking and opening/closing of the money tins!). I thought the Relay for Life event at MSN Stadium in Bukit Jalil went really well. I got there […]

Questions for Youths

I’ve been really busy of late – but enjoying it, mind you – due to a few stories I had to write over the past couple of weeks. I’ve forgotten what it feels like to work on a few stories at the same time (well, I remember now!). Between my two consecutive weeks of The […]