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Visiting Ground Zero, 10 years after Sept 11

Every year, on this day, I would write a blog post referring to an article I wrote in 2002 to mark the first anniversary of Sept 11 (this was my blog post from last year with some photos). It’s not that I’ve not had the time, or been too lazy to write something new, it’s […]

Today, I am officially jobless.

As of yesterday, the desk that I have been sitting at in Menara Star looks emptier than this. And as of today, I am officially jobless. Some of you may have heard (it’s not really a secret anyway) that I have resigned from The Star after spending over six years with the company. Yesterday was […]

THe Valentine Horror Show

It was Valentine’s Day yesterday and I hadn’t made any plans in Singapore so I decided to stay in and catch the repeat of the Grammy Awards. Still, I couldn’t not celebrate the symbolic international day of love (gags), so i decided that I would spend some time with one of my many loves (yes, […]

The Bangsar Boy: A rose by any other name ...

I suppose this story won’t be of any particular interest to regular readers of my blog – and those of you who have been following my story on Project Alpha – but for the 1million-odd readers of The Star, it might be! It took me great pains to write the article – for fear of […]

The Bangsar Boy: Call for more open spaces

Today, my The Bangsar Boy article is about “public spaces”. Perhaps I didn’t explain it as clearly in my article but I was really referring to the academic definition of it, as opposed to something general like “any space accessible by the public”. I did include a definition I found in Wikipedia though, to build […]

Questions for Khairy Jamaluddin

Those of you who read R.AGE, the youth platform of The Star which I work with, might have noticed our little announcement about Khairy Jamaluddin in the papers last week. The R.AGE team will be meeting with KJ, as he is fondly known, later this week to ask him questions (set by you!).

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