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Cover - Growing Up In KL

My first book: Growing Up In KL

Dear friends, Over 10 years ago, I was given a unique platform in form of The Bangsar Boy column, to share stories from the lens of a young, progressive urban Malaysian. This year, I mark a major milestone in my career and personal life with the launch of Growing Up In KL: 10 years of […]

The Bangsar Boy bids farewell ... for now

It seemed so long ago that the image above first appeared in StarMetro. In actual, fact, it’s only been five years. Well, today, that chapter comes to an end. My article for today’s The Bangsar Boy will be the last time I write under that monicker. In my article, I wrote: In The Bangsar Boy, […]

The Bangsar Boy - Colour Blindness at our core

I can already imagine the negative comments that will come from this post (which, if it gets personal, I probably won’t approve). This week, in my The Bangsar Boy article, I once again take on the issue of race, in that I believe that Malaysians in general have long embraced 1Malaysia (but in a different […]

The Bangsar Boy - Lost & Found

The headline for my The Bangsar Boy article from Saturday was “Give others the benefit of the doubt”. I changed it for the subject of this post because I didn’t feel it reflected my article. Sure, that was one of the points I raised in the article – and arguably wrote about it at length […]

The Bangsar Boy - Don’t make life difficult for transgenders

This week, in The Bangsar Boy, I encourage readers to help end discrimination against the transgender community. Taken from PhotoComiX from Flickr under the Creative Common License. Originally, I had actually written a different story for my column. But on the way to Perth, I read this article by my former colleague M Veera Pandiyan […]

The Bangsar Boy: Slowly growing to love pets

This was Rot when I first met her sometime last year. I had come home in the middle of the night and was getting a drink in the kitchen when she just sat there and looked at me. Even when I walked upstairs to get the camera and came back again, she hadn’t left. Rot […]

The Bangsar Boy bids farewell to Singapore

It was a little bit funny leaving Singapore on Saturday. In fact, I was quite surprised at how I felt in the last week. My Asia Journalism Fellowship research paper kept me busy until Wednesday so I didn’t have much time to think about leaving but the couple of days I had left was enough […]

The Bangsar Boy - Communal Living

This was the first article I wrote for The Bangsar Boy from Singapore. I must have forgotten to share it on here as I was probably too busy settling in. Can’t believe that in a couple of weeks, my stint here in Singapore (I’m here for the Temasek Foundation and NTU Wee Kim Wee School […]

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