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My 2010 - The Year That Was: Part 2

Two days ago, I post part one of my 2010 retrospective. Like last year, I decided to split it into two because, er, it’ll be too long a blog post if I did all 12 months in one. Now, let’s get to it, shall we? JULY The picture above was taken after the last session […]

Dan Brown's Open Letter To Educators

Two weeks ago, when I was in Poland, I attended the Education Leaders Forum at Warsaw’s Olympic Centre, which was held in conjunction with Microsoft’s Imagine Cup 2010 which I was there to cover. Truth be told, I didn’t pay much attention at the forum (bureaucratic speeches are b.o.r.i.n.g.).

Greetings from Warsaw, Poland

Hello from Poland! It’s 6.13am in Malaysia at the moment, just past midnight here and I’ve just come back from dinner a while ago in Warsaw where I will stay for the next eight days for work. I am here to cover Microsoft’s Imagine Cup 2010, there is a Malaysian team contesting.