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My 2009 - The Year That Was

I am known for my punctuality *cough* This would explain why I am only posting this list up today, on Jan 3. But I guess it’s still new year-ish, and therefore still appropriate for me to reflect back on 2009.

I was in an Oscar-nominated film!

Today, I discovered that a movie I once “acted” in was an Oscar nominated film. How exciting is that? The movie is called Dust of Life (or Poussières de vie). This was quite a while ago, and I suspect I was only 13 or 14 years old then. I had responded to a newspaper ad […]

2009 Oscar moments

I had to miss this morning’s live telecast of the Academy Awards – Oscars – but I am sitting here at home at night, watching the repeats. Unlike the Grammies and the US Presidential elections, I decided not to live blog (not in the mood lah) but decided I would like to note my favourite […]