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Teachers remembering what it was like

I woke up this morning and was flipping through the New Straits Times (eh, I read The Star too okay!) as I usually do and came across the picture featured in the graphic above (the article here) and thought something looked a bit off. First I thought, hmm, are kids these days aging really quickly […]

KTMB: Gals, guys and couples

Guys, if you walk into a Keretapi Tanah Melayu commuter train soon which will full of women, don’t get any ideas. Walk out. Girls, the same goes for you (a compartment full of men, that is). It’s just a new policy by KTM Berhad, announced yesterday by its president Dr Aminuddin Adnan.

Fatwa against yoga

Expecting a backlash from Malaysians on the decision, Shukor reminded non-Muslims not to question the fatwa. “We respect the harmony and freedom of practice of other races. This is not something for non-Muslims to interfere in or question as this matter involves Muslims and their faith. (From NST) Since there is a reminder, I shall […]