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A Wicked day in London

It’s technically day three in London for the Project Alpha crew as Jojo, Wendy, Mike and I explore more of London. We planned to have an early start but the moment we walked out of the hotel, we all ran back in because it was so bloody cold (or as XiaXue would say, “So mad […]

Greetings from London

Hello from London! First off, apologies for the small thumbnail like pics – I’m uploading them up via my phone because I’m not using my laptop but the computer here at the *ahem* Club Lounge of the very beautiful Millenium Hotel in Mayfair, London.

Off to London!

Hello folks! Here’s a quick post at 5.30am in the morning as I get ready to head to KLIA. In case you haven’t noticed from my Tweets or Facebook updates, I am off to London today together with the Project Alpha crew.

Remembering 9/11: My 2002 tribute

Seven years ago, I was lecturing at a local college when I wrote the article below. It was a year after the 9/11 incident in New York city and I was rather overwhelmed with emotion then, remembering back the same day a year before. Then, I was a student in Australia. I was also the […]

The Bangsar Boy: Body mutilation = love

Okay, so maybe the equation is not as simple as that. But body mutilation (and other forms of non-conventional appearance in a person) is the basis of my article in this week’s The Bangsar Boy, in The Star (StarMetro). It is titled: Acceptance of subcultures reflect a mature society. I write about my love for […]

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