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My 2010 - The Year That Was: Part 2

Two days ago, I post part one of my 2010 retrospective. Like last year, I decided to split it into two because, er, it’ll be too long a blog post if I did all 12 months in one. Now, let’s get to it, shall we? JULY The picture above was taken after the last session […]

First visit to Kuching!

Hey folks! I’m in Kuching, the city of cats … er, in Sarawak, Bumi Kenyalang for the first time. Well, kinda. I’ve been here once before in 1996 but it was just a stopover from a visit to KK. I was just in the airport the whole time, so I guess it doesn’t count.

My 2009 - The Year That Was

I am known for my punctuality *cough* This would explain why I am only posting this list up today, on Jan 3. But I guess it’s still new year-ish, and therefore still appropriate for me to reflect back on 2009.

MTV World Stage

Well, I had just gotten home from MTV World Stage in Malaysia – the event was held at Sunway Lagoon. I was contemplating whether or not to go because of my sore throat but a visit to the doctor (who was convinced it wasn’t H1N1 – heck, even I could have told her that!) laid […]

Perth on my mind

Somedays, I would suddenly feel like I miss Perth alot. I spent a good two years-odd there completing my two degrees. Lots of fond memories. Some of you might remember my post from February about my first visit back to Western Australia in almost four years. Yesterday, I got the feeling again – because I […]

Talking blogging

So yesterday, I was at the PJ Challenge ’09 Bloggers ‘K’arnival at Jaya 33. The event was organised by Kaspersky, MBPJ and the ABM (Association of Backpackers Malaysia). There were several events happening at the same time, but I got there early for the Blog 411 session, of which I was one of the speakers. […]

Terry Fox Run Kuala Lumpur 2008

I woke up at 7ish am in a blur (read my previous post to find out why). And I would be lying if I didn’t tell myself – at least a million times – screw the run, screw the run. But then I had promised my brother-in-law Rizal I’d pick him up for it. Bah. […]

Media Watch: nicster in KLue

Well, not exactly. I just got a copy of KLUE magazine (September edition) a couple of days ago, the lead story of which is its The 20 Under 40 List: 20 of the Valley’s mover’s and shakers. It’s also the magazine’s 8th anniversary issue. One of my friends, Zain HD (yes, yes, RandomActs, KL Freeze […]