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Return to Paris, France

Since I usually take forever to write blog posts on my trips, I thought I’d get this over and done with. After all, it also coincides with my article in The Bangsar Boy last weekend where I talked about what I think of French people (in general).

Thinking of Jakarta

Here’s another post from my now-not-so-recent trip to Jakarta.  I know I usually update my Monday posts with a video, but, er, I thought I’d write this post instead.

Tuesdays with Niki: London, baby!

Howdy folks, I’m back! I’m sorry that I haven’t updated much since that last post while I was still in Poland. But I’m back now, and I think over my jet-lag, so I thought I’d get back to my blogging habits as well! Thanks to those of you who have been coming back to check […]

Update from Jakarta

So, I’m a bit more relaxed now after a nice shower so I thought I’d post a short update from Jakarta while watching the American Idol results show (although I already know the results – yay for the winner!) and waiting for dinner time with Joe, Nicole, Hanis, Thomas and Isabelle.

Road to Singapore

I do have this strange liking for Singapore, even though I don’t think I could ever live there permanently. It’s really hard to explain. On one hand, I dislike how everything seems so, umm, sterile, but then there is also this sense of adventure whenever I am there. It’s not that I’m totally unfamiliar with […]

Bali: This is the life

I was ready to start this post with a “It was a rather uneventful day in Bali” as I looked at our itinerary earlier yesterday. This was going to be my first trip to Bali and our flight was in the afternoon, which meant we arrive at dinner time and then there was that three […]

Niki in Hong Kong

Well folks, the day that I’ve been waiting for is here. Yup, I planned tis trip several months ago when my best friend Adam said that he was heading back to Australia from London and was transitting somewhere in Asia. He had two choices – Singapore or Hong Kong. Since we’ve both never been to […]

Holidays are tough

Are holiday’s really holiday’s when there’s so much effort involved in planning, travelling and er, waking up at 4.49am in the morning?!?! I suppose I should be grateful ‘cos this time I’m not doing the planning – just gonna sit back, and enjoy the trip. I’m secretly quite excited, as I’ve not traveled with them […]