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Malaysia - all your info are belong to Zuck

Update: So, apparently Facebook Places hasn’t been rolled out in Malaysia. After getting complains from many people that they still can’t access it, I started asking around. According to my #LOLshow buddy David Wang, only Celcom users are able to check in because their’s is somehow recognised as a Singapore line (I don’t know the […]

#LOLshow Episode 6: Water cooler talk

I’m off to Kuching today to give a talk on Social media for SMEs but since I haven’t blogged in a couple of days (I’m doing three talks this week so quite busy preparing for those), I thought I’d just plug my usual weekly episode of Life On Line Show, this week featuring John Lim, […]

#LOLshow Episode 5: Yes, it's correct

It’s been quite a strange week in terms of my routine (actually, it’s strange because I finally have a routine again!) so I didn’t update my blog on Wednesday with the latest episode of the #LOLshow (that’s the Life On Line Show, for those of you not in the know). So I’m doing it today […]

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