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Dad's digital life

This post was written after I read Modern Grief by Nancy Westaway in The Walrus, following the death of her husband. Dad was not my husband, but I am an adult son. I am also the most tech-savvy of my family members so I have taken the most interest (or remembered best) in dad’s digital […]

Rest In Peace, dear Ku Poh Nona

I woke up early this Sunday morning to a rude shock. Mum had dropped me a Whatsapp message saying that Ku Poh had passed away earlier in the day (while I was sleeping over here). Although she had been ill for the past few weeks, the news caught me by surprise. There is only one […]

RIP Brittany Murphy

RIP Brittany Murphy (1977 – 2009) Update: MSNBC reports that Brittany may have died of natural causes, according to the Los Angeles’ coroner’s office. An autopsy is being scheduled to confirm the cause of her death. Hopefully this will stop rumours that her death was caused by drug overdose, as so-called gossip queen (try sower […]

RIP Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett

RIP Michael Jackson (1958-2009) Farrah Fawcett (1947-2009) My heart crumbled when I woke up to SMS messages about Michael Jackson’s death. I had read about Farrah Fawcett’s death last night before bed but the shock of seeing two SMS messages was just too much to go back to bed. It is then apt that the […]