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My 2010 - The Year That Was: Part 2

Two days ago, I post part one of my 2010 retrospective. Like last year, I decided to split it into two because, er, it’ll be too long a blog post if I did all 12 months in one. Now, let’s get to it, shall we? JULY The picture above was taken after the last session […]

Return to Paris, France

Since I usually take forever to write blog posts on my trips, I thought I’d get this over and done with. After all, it also coincides with my article in The Bangsar Boy last weekend where I talked about what I think of French people (in general).

Anderson Cooper saves a kid in Haiti

Many years ago, I was sitting in a classroom at Curtin University in Australia and there was a big debate going on among the students. The unit was Media Ethics and we were asked to discuss the following scenario (I’m rephrasing, obviously):

Bush leaves the White House for the last time

Yup, as we wait to welcome a new American President, many people are also bidding farewell to George W Bush. I’ve been very critical of his policies, but I also remember eight years ago when he was running for President and I was supporting him over Al Gore (in protest of course, over Gore’s meddling […]

My interview with Anderson Cooper

I know the subject line for this post is a dead giveaway but guess who spoke to CNN anchor Anderson Cooper yesterday? Me, of course! I was going to save this for when the days the article I am writing on his new show – Planet in Peril: Battlelines – but I couldn’t resist. hehe […]

Anwar Ibrahim arrested

It was an arrest waiting to happen I suppose. And I’m sure everyone will be talking about it. Just thought I’d break the news here. At 1:21pm, I received a Star SMS News Alert which read: Anwar Ibrahim picked up by police near his home after ACA interview in Putrajaya, taken to city police HQ […]

Obama for President (was Obama creates history)

UPDATE (9.38am): Everyone, including CNN, BBC and even The Star, has reported that Senator Barack Obama, has won enough delegates to make him the first black presidential candidate. Am also currently watching live on Yahoo! News Hillary Clinton’s address in New York. She sounds like she’s conceding, but she also mentioned that: “Where do we […]