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All ready for Twestival KL

Okay, maybe that’s a lie but we’ve been working damn hard at it and still will until the end of tomorrow night! Yup, it’s Twestival KL and that has been what has been keeping me away from my blog the past few days (sorry about that) – that, and some personal issues I had to […]

Yasmin Ahmad's Have You Flown AirAsia Lately?

See, once I get started on posting YouTube videos here, I can’t stop. My friend Su Ann (or PinkPau, to bloggers) posted this on Plurk and Twitter and I just had to share it! It’s sooooo cute. Well, the little kid is anyway. But the concept behind it is really nice too 😀 1.15pm Malaysian […]

Term starts in Australia

Huge boxes (probably filled with Maggi Mee) and tons of luggage, parents hoarding around the trolleys and eager young faces (and some looking fed up with parents fussing over them(. It can only mean one thing – students are heading off overseas! It’s nice to know that the economic crisis has not affected the dreams […]