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Summer in London

Summer at Somerset House

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been in London for almost nine months now. How time has flown by. Throughout these months, I have experienced seasonal weather like never before. When autumn was here, I was mesmerised by the different textures it afforded. Then winter arrived and the white snow (even if it was only for a day) was magical. Spring brought a myriad of colours back into my life.

And summer, finally, brought us constant sunshine (if only for a fortnight).

The picture above was taken my first day back to uni after all our assignments, dissertation proposal presentation and a short holiday with some of my classmates. I sat alone at Somerset House, next to the Strand campus of King’s College London where I study at, enjoying my sandwich and (as you can see) Coke, under the sun.

It was beautiful, but also rather lonely as my classmates have all gone their separate ways. So I spent the next two weeks after that spending most evenings at the park, or beer gardens, with some friends to make up for it.

Yesterday, though, I realised that I’ve spent so much of the past few weeks enjoying the weather that I’ve forgotten to enjoy London. I’m going to make it my mission now to do a couple of things every week to live a little (instead of just sitting at home watching TV or, oh, working on my dissertation).

It’s a little late to start documenting my life in London, but better late than never. I hope to share that journey with you.

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