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Stop talking - just do it.

This is going to be a short post but I wanted to share with you a two things with the same message. This is a message that I feel very strongly about. Of late, I’ve been hearing strains of the same thought across the local social media sphere, and I hope that it really catches on.

The message is:


And no, this is not a Nike ad. If I have to admit to one negativity to social media, it’s that it sometimes make us think that we’re doing something, when we’re really not. On the #LOLshow a while ago, we had an intense argument about cyber-activism and I felt strongly that we need to accept that term with a handful of salt. I don’t see clicking “Like” or ReTweeting or even just putting your name to a petition as real activism. It makes a differents, for sure but I feel that the impact from this is more awareness than impacting change.

We need to actually do things and make things happen – whether it is in politics, your personal life, career, ideas, leadership and more.

Today, I saw a video on Jonathan Fun’s blog which is a great call for action. Don’t just watch the video, read Jonathan’s whole post. But here’s the video anyway.

I wanted to share this because my friend Zain also talked about “do-ing” (in his usual convoluted way *cough*) in his article for The Star’s R.AGE – where I work – yesterday in our new column called Just Sayin’, where we have a bunch of young people sharing their thoughts about life and issue. His last paragraph read:

Some had to work within their perimeters, some had to define it, and some had to push the limits before they made headway. The point is, they were behind it, not the person they had their fingers pointed to. Start doing something.

Think about it. What are you doing to make that difference?

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  1. morning femes!

  2. support u here^^

  3. urm…

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    Save the dogs and cats in Malaysia animal shelters from cruelty!

  6. Greetings from Barcelona. I am holiday and finally I got time to catch up with some blogs! That’s how’s bored I am, on a Saturday night.

    – Loved your new hair colour. I am doing Legally Blond too (the musical, not the hair)
    – Loved your new theme. Has it been around for long?
    – Back to your blog topic, isn’t this called slacktivism?

    • Slacktivism? You don’t think these actions are active?

      p/s Thanks about the hair colour, and the blog look. It came from Jan 1. 😀

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