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Spider-Man 2012 teaser trailer

Three words:

De nouvelles images pour Spider-Man 3D

Jizz in pants.

p/s Thanks Mike Campton for sharing this on Google+ (anyone needs an invite?).

11.50pm Malaysian time (+8 GMT)

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  1. KY responded:

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    most disturbing caption, ever.

  2. I DO!

  3. Hey Niki…

    Thanks for the upload. I was such a big fan of Spiderman, until i found out Toby Maguire was playing the webslinger. Kinda felt he didn’t do justice to the character. Andrew Garfiled on the other hand. Whoaa…

    It’s like he was lifted straight from the pages of the comic book. Pitch perfect casting IMHO. Really enjoyed the trailer… can’t wait for the movie!

    P/s:- would love to have an invite to Google+ if you’ve still got some. But aren’t they full already? No more new registrations for now? Thanks in advance :)

    • Yup, I feel that Andrew will fit the mould better than Toby McGuire as well. Having said that, at the time when Toby did Spider-man, not sure who else could have pulled it off.

      Sorry about the late reply and you probably have a G+ account already, but if you still want it, I can help! Let me know 😀

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