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Something sweet about LG Chocolate

The thing about cellphones these days (or for that past decade!) is that you never leave home without yours. On days that I forget my own phone, I often feel, umm, naked and will make it a point to quickly dash (okay fine, drive) home at lunchtime to get it.

Considering how much these phones are a part of our lives, it’s not surprising then that phones are becoming fashion accessories.

LG’s Black Label series of phones is all about style. And the newest model from the series – the LG Chocolate BL40 as pictured above – is quite the chantique.

No surprise then that model cum actress Sienna Miller’s fashion label Twenty8Twelve (together with her sister Savannah) collaborated with LG for this new Chocolate.

If you purchase the LG Chocolate BL40 at the LG Concept Store, you get Twenty8Twelve’s limited edition designer case free!

Watch this video to see what they two sisters have to say about the phone.

Looking at the phone, the first thing that struck me was the length of the phone. If you think about it, a 4-inch wide screen is quite madness. Brilliant, but madness.

LG Chocolate

Put this together with the sleek and minimalistic design, and you’ve got one heck of an accessory to carry around with you.

Hey, even Anna Wintour was shot sitting to the phone okay (although not very stylish of her to sit on a table lah).

Anna Wintour

On top of that, how many phones can boast good reviews from such magazines as Vogue, Esquire, Elle and Wallpaper? Heck, GQ Editor Dylan Jones said:

It’s glossy, chic, and incredibly thin, like a supermodel almost!

Of course, it’s not all about the looks and no substance. Technology wise, the Chocolate DL40 is a better version of LG’s popular Chocolate model, featuring a stretched 21:9 ratio HD panoramic display. What this really means is that the phone gives a better user experience when browsing web pages, checking e-mails or viewing videos on the new LG Chocolate’s cinema-like screen.

Watch this video to see what it can do:

Get the Flash Player to see this video.


Even James Cameron’s Avatar got into the act. In collaboration with Twentieth Century Fox, the new Chocolate phone includes embedded content from the movie!

Imagine all these – the movie, the pictures, browsing, emails and more – on a really long, 4-inch wide screen.

Oh, come on now, you know you want the stuff. After all, Avatar is still the movie everyone is talking about, no less because of the amazing Golden Globe wins on Monday – including Best Director, and Best Film (Drama)!

Delicious like Chocolate, methinks.

Want to own the phone? Well, it’s quite easy … ish. If you have a blog then you stand a chance to win one of three LG Chocolate BL40! All you need to do is write a blog entry on “Why I Like It Longer”!

Your blog post can be on anything – whether it’s your personal experience with the phone, some funny comic strip about long things, or anything else that is related to the theme. At RM2,199 each, you can bet it’s worth the effort. And there’s three phones up for grabs!

Want to find out more about the phone? Visit the LG Chocolate BL40 website here or Nuffnang’s blog post on it here to find out why I – together Sienna Miller, Anna Wintour and other supermodels (as if like I know them like that*ahem*) – like it longer.

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