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I woke up this morning and a post I had uploaded from last night is gone (thank God for Firefox’s restore button, I still had the draft text open when the pages reloaded) and all my pictures from my previous post are, erm, missing.

Taken from HowardLake on Flick under the Creative Common License.

We’re working hard to get this back up (I should have warned everyone before hand that things will appear funny for a few hours as we’re changing some stuff with the back-end) but erm, consider yourself warned!

My blog should be fully functional again in a few hours and I have a rather exciting post due to be uploaded (well, I’m excited lah, not sure about you).

In the mean time, I hope I have your patience. Have a good day and week ahead of you!

– Niki –

p/s Thanks to Chris who’s helping me fix all this as we speak .. as I write!

10.26am Malaysian time (+8 GMT)

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