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Sharing session with #cronkiteuro12 students

A couple of weeks ago, I received a tweet from @DrBillASU inviting me to meet with some of his students from Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications who would be in London as part of their European study trip. London was the first of three European stops for the students who will visit various media organisations to learn about journalism and social media.

With the Cronkite Euro 2012 studentsPicture courtesy of @rlopez91

I jumped at the opportunity for several reasons – I’ve not given a talk since I moved to London, I really enjoy meeting young people (and particularly aspiring journalists) and I always feel like I learn something from the people I talk to. I also thought it was a good opportunity to meet up with Dr Bill who I had been following on Twitter for a while.

I spoke for about 45 minutes, and took many questions but I was also very aware of the time (the students were also jet lagged) so I think I sped through a lot of them. Here is a link to a Storify page I created where I compiled the tweets from Dr Bill and his students.

I really enjoyed the questions and answer part because I felt my “talk” was slightly incoherent – at the start, I wasn’t exactly sure what they wanted to hear and just rambled a bit till I could get a sense of what they were looking to get out of the session.

It was fascinating though to find out what is on the mind of young people through the questions they asked.

Among the things they were worried about were their social footprints – one wondered if the casual fun stuff they’ve been posting online all these years (such as videos on Vimeo etc) would have an impact on their professional lives ahead. At first, I thought Erik was concerned, like most other people, about the silly stuff that future employers might judge him on and use against him.

But it was fascinating, after he explained himself – he was wondering if there was a need to maintain two separate accounts: one for the personal stuff and one for the professional things, or if we’re looking at these two things coming together at some stage.

The question really interest me because I am currently reading up a lot on identities and its place in digital culture, so it was food for thought for me!

There were many other questions, and I won’t list them all out (hopefully, one of them would consider the session worth blogging about and report on it). But I wanted to write this post to acknowledge my appreciation for being invited, and thank them for the engaging discussion.

1.30am Greenwich Meridian Time

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