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Ready to party in Wonderland

I know that it doesn’t seem like it but I really don’t go out enough. Not that I’m a huge party animal, but because I’ve been busy with rehearsing (and performing) A Midsummer Night’s Dream at KLpac which ended the weekend before last, I’ve actually not gone out partying much.

Which is why I’m looking forward to a party coming up this Thursday at 7ateNine in Kuala Lumpur! Who cares if it’s a Thursday, I’m sure it’s going to be one heck of a party!


The party is organised by Horeca School of Excellence and dubbed Encore presents Wonderland.

Only two things came to my mind when I first heard about it. I started thinking of John Mayer, because not only is he one of my favourite musicians but he is currently in Australia performing and I just read a message from a friend who was going to watch him recently. Jealousy does become me, I suppose.

I’ll have to settle for this YouTube video then.

Then there’s also the whole Alice in Wonderland-like theme. I missed the movie (everyone watched it on 3D and now I’m gonna have to watch it on DVD … hrmm) so I’m definitely going to be at the Wonderland party to make up for it!

Why so? Well, because from what I hear, it appears that the party theme will be centred around this old (and crazy) story. Heck, the party’s tagline says it all:

“Mildly twisted. Massively fascinating”

My mind is already going wild trying to imagine what it will be all about. In my head, a wonderland is a place where everyone can just be him or herself, have a good time and have no worries. Sounds like a party, at right!

We’ll see if that pans out next week at the party. The organisers promises a “Wonderland” costume show, a “Wonderland” dance show and you will also get the chance to take pictures with the “Wonderland” maids!

Not only that, those who are there will get a chance to catch international mixologists at work – Chanond from Thailand as well as Maja and Lisa from Sweden. You might even get a chance to get up close and personal with them!

I know I will. Now, I wonder if I should invite the cast members from my show to join me. After all, we already have the costumes (as you can see below). Don’t I make a beautiful Alice?

Ready to Party


I’ll be at 7ateNine on Thursday (May 13) from 8.30pm for the party. Why don’t you come and join me?

If you’re up for it, I have 15 drink vouchers to give away (free drinks!). Just drop me a comment on this post saying: “Ho ho ho, I want a drink yo!” and it’s yours. J

This is the first of a series of three parties happening. You can find out more at Encore’s Facebook page here. Make sure you “Like” the page!

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There are 10 responses to “Ready to party in Wonderland”.

  1. Rahul responded:

    · Reply

    Ho ho ho, I want a drink yo

  2. See u there Niki! Can I has a drink hohoho? What are u dressing up as? :p

  3. ho ho ho, i want a drink yo!


    seeya tomorrow!

  4. Karen Mayer responded:

    · Reply

    Ho ho ho, I want a drink yo!!

    Thankfully this is only virtual because I can’t imagine pulling that off in real life hehehe

  5. sheng responded:

    · Reply

    Ho ho ho, I want a drink yo!

  6. ho ho ho, i want a drink yo! pretty pleeease 😀

  7. Ho ho ho I want a drink yo! TOO! :)

  8. Ho ho ho, I want a drink yo!

    *dances dances*


  9. Thanks everyone for your comments! :) See you tonight. Register at the event and get your drink voucher! :)

  10. Hope everyone had a great time … because I did! :)

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