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Rasa ghairah? The Gov't has some websites to suggest

I don’t know how many of the links work but you guys will want to check out this article on The Star online. In a report about the banned websites, a list of 39 sites were listed as banned by the Government, “especially on government office computers”, the article reads. It also said:

In a written answer to a question by Teresa Kok (DAP-Seputeh) addressed to the Prime Minister, the Government said access to 39 websites and blogs was not allowed …

Many of the sites are what I predict to be consisting pornographic material, if terms like “ghairah-betul”, “asianseks” and “celebrityxpose” used in the blogspot account usernames are anything to go by.

I can’t access them at work so I’m not sure what the contents of the sites are or if the links work (not sure if it’s banned from Gov’t office servers, or Malaysian gateway in general).

Because I *cough* don’t condone such sites, I won’t list them on my site. But you can view them here. 😛

5.42pm Malaysian time (+8 GMT)

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  1. Mostly blogspot. Funny.

  2. What?? Only 39? AHHA btw, the first few links don’t work =D

  3. LOLLL…blogspot only mehhhh

  4. Haha Blogspot is gonna get a bad name for this :) Yea, tried some of the sites, don’t work. dang! 😀

  5. […] guys won’t believe the kinds of numbers that my blog have been getting just because I posted something about banned websites by the Government and how many included words like […]

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