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RandomAlphabet's Fake Water Gun Fight and upcoming Keretapi Sarong

A couple of months before I left for London, I took part in helping organise my last flashmob for a while. If you’ve been following my blog, you would know that I have been part of the collected RandomAlphabets, fronted by my good buddy Zain HD, for a few years now.

Coming out of the boot of a car

The flashmob was called #fakewatergun fight and what we basically did was plan a, well, fake water gun fight in the middle of Jalan Bukit Bintang one random day. Having said that, I think many of the others involved in this project will agree with me in saying that this is probably the most extensive we had planned for a flashmob in all these years.

I won’t tell you too much about it because the video is finally out! Have a look of it and see what you think!

There is also a behind-the-scenes video so you can see what we usually get up to in the planning stages of our flashmob.

Anyway, if you enjoyed that, and thought it was fun, you might want to check out this new one that RandomAlphabets is planning. I’m a bit bummed out that I can’t be there for this but I’ll look forward to seeing the video. This is one event that will look great with more people so please go for it, and drag your friends and family members as well.

I’m not trying to be biased but I’ve only ever had good fun while taking part in RA’s events so I’m thinking you’ll have a great time as well. Let me know how it goes!

Keretapi Sarong publicity material

Click on the picture above for the details!

11.47pm Greenwich Meridian Time

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  1. this seems like a very fun thing to do but I’m not @ KL T_T Happy Belated Valentine’s Day to you

    • Thanks Nath. Shame you won’t be there to join in the fun but come by for some other RA event when you get the chance. :)

  2. just stumbled on to ur blog and i find this post – the flash mob one of the coolest mobs i have ever seen in msia!

  3. the link on the image is broken… 😛

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