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R.AGE jumps on the Earth Hour bandwagon

The Star has always been associated with environmental causes. StarYouth, the editorial desk which runs R.AGE, too have been a strong proponent for the environment. Besides being actively involved in The Star’s annual World Environment Day activities, we have also been running a peer-to-peer environment programme for youths called P2P Greeniz for the past few years.

Last year, when certain parts of the world was shutting their lights for Earth Hour, we too ran a small campaign alongside it. We called it the No Flicker Campaign and got tertiary students to stop using anything that flickers for that day – television screen, computer monitors, mobile phones etc. It was an awareness campaign more than anything.

This year, WWF (that’s the World Wildlife Fund, and not the wrestling show) Malaysia has taken on the project in a massive way. They have gotten many personalities to play ambassador for the cause as well as major organisations to shut down for one hour on March 28.

Earth Hour Malaysia

So, R.AGE decided that we too will play our part. Today, we ran a story headlined Confession Time where we got young people to make confessions about how they are un-environmentally friendly and their pledges to help save mother nature.

Along with this article, we posed a challenge to college and university students out there to get their respective educational institutions involved. Never mind the 8.30pm – 9.30pm hour the Earth Hour is promoting – we are asking students to rally their friends and lecturers to hold classes sans electricity (yes, you might have to study without air-cond for an hour …  shock horror!). Our challenge is here.

Some of you might know that the R.AGE Online youth portal just underwent a major transformation last week (we launched it last Wednesday) and one new feature is that members of the R.AGE team, yours truly included, will start blogging. We are using the blog to keep everyone updated with how the campaign in going too.

If you’re a college/uni student, please take on our challenge. If you’re not, well, spread the word around. It’s for a good cause!

p/s I’m blogging about this not only ’cause R.AGE is my baby, but because I actually believe in the cause! It’s not an advertorial 😛

6.25pm Malaysian time (+8 GMT)

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  3. […] also want to bring your attention to the R.AGE Earth Hour Challenge (yes, this is a work plug). I blogged recently about it, saying that last year our challenge to college/uni students was No Flicker Day. […]

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