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Rafael Nadal and I were separated at birth

Rafael Nadal in the Nike AW77

Can barely tell us apart huh? Yup, I know, we’re practically twins. If only I didn’t look damn Chinese. Or look like I am posing with a tudung on. Sigh.

Oh well, it was worth a try.

I was just trying to be funny because that’s the first thought that came to my mind when I saw that picture of tennis star, world no.2 and my 3rd favouritest tennis player (after Andy Roddick and Marat Safin, of course) Rafael Nadal.

Really couldn’t place why I look so awkward in that hoodie. My boss said it’s because I didn’t grow up in the hood or a ghetto. Then again, I don’t think Nadal did either! But I suppose you need to be cool – like him – to pull of these sorts of poses (just look at how natural he looks in the shots below, eh?). And I, er, have a pretty tragic Blue Steel. In case you couldn’t tell from the shot above already.

The same might not be the case for you. If you think that you, like Nadal, can look smoking in the Nike AW77, well, hellooooo … Nike store! *hehe* Anyways … this post is really about Rafael Nadal’s photoshoot for the above picture. There were many more taken (obviously, I only have the red AW77 while he has all the different colours) so I thought I’d share some of the shots – courtesy of Nike – below.

Rafael Nadal in the Nike AW77

There was also a video released in conjunction with the release of these photos, and in it, includes snippets from an interview with Nadal himself. He speaks Spanish though, but there are subtitles.

However, I had access to the full interview and I thought I’d pick out a couple of my favourite quotes of his:

What does sport mean to you?
Well, sport for me is something truly special, because it’s a very important part of my life. I think that sport, in my opinion, can be translated into “effort”.

What is the meaning of winning to Rafael Nadal?
In my opinion, winning is not always the simple fact of winning. For me, when I play on the court, if I’ve gotten better, to me, that’s winning, because, in the end, I’ve surpassed myself, right? For me, the fact of winning is personal excellence.

You have often said you like simple things. What does being simple or simplicity mean in your life?
Whenever possible, I like simple things. I like being with, with my lifelong friends. I like being with my family.  And I’m in my environment with my friends all the time.  Many times people want to complicate things.  I think in the end, you don’t need so many things.  Off the court, I see how being more normal, it can help you to be better on the court.

And here is the video!

12.24am Malaysian time (+8 GMT)

Oh, in case you didn’t see this coming, I am one of the local personalities involved in the Nike+ Human Race 10K Ambassador’s Challenge.

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  1. Hahaha err maybe it’s your facial expression :p

  2. Maya responded:

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    Seperated at birth??? In your dreams Niki. Even though your not tall, dark and handsome in the Rafa sense, you are funny and very, very, brave to post your own picture side by side with Rafa. Kudos for that.

  3. rafa!!!!!!!!! sorry. only that photo of him lookin’ absolutely gorgeous registered in my mind out of all the stuff on this post.

  4. your facial expression lor. people looking so cool there but you make cute/funny expression 😛

  5. ahah i like your red jumper. hmm somehow i think ive seen it somewhere

  6. coz he is ang moh.. you are chinese.. =P

  7. nadal has the tough face, that why he look good in hoodie, and you have soft face, if you take out the hood it look just nice.. twin different parent.. haha

  8. lord. best post evar.

  9. Nice try 😛 haha…

    By the way, I spotted a huge poster of Rafa at the Nike Store in Mid Valley. A bunch of guys were busy taking pictures outside the store.

  10. I will only agree with your separation at birth if you and Rafa have the same bumm.

    err *thinking* hmm i don’t think you have it lah hehe 😛

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