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Questions for Khairy Jamaluddin

Khairy Jamaluddin

Those of you who read R.AGE, the youth platform of The Star which I work with, might have noticed our little announcement about Khairy Jamaluddin in the papers last week. The R.AGE team will be meeting with KJ, as he is fondly known, later this week to ask him questions (set by you!).

Yup, on that day, we journalist are going to play transcribers and we’re basically going to ask him questions that young people out there – since R.AGE is a youth section – want to know. It can be anything about him: how he got into politics, what his ambitions are, why does he support Manchester United. It’s your call.

Here’s a brief into to him that we printed:

At 34, Khairy Jamaluddin (or KJ as he is more poupularly known) is part of the younger generation of politicians.

Those who follow him in Twitterverse know that he responds quickly to current issues, does not shy away from discussions and gloats whenever Manchester United wins. With almost 6,000 followers on Twitter, he has been jokingly dubbed the de facto Member of Parliament for “TwitterJaya”.

In the real world, KJ is the MP for Rembau in Negri Sembilan. He heads Umno Youth, and also Barisan Nasional Youth.

One of the reasons we are running this story is to, I guess, introduce you to the person who will be soon presenting the voice of young Malaysian youths to the Prime Minister under a project called the Pemuda Barisan Nasional Youth Lab.

Pemuda Barisan Nasional Youth Lab is an initiative that seeks to find out what issues are important to young people in Malaysia, and to work on “touch points” in the form of Government policies, programmes and announcements that will be tailor-made specifically for youths

Over the next few weeks, the BN Youth Lab will be canvassing for your views on specific issues. BN Youth Lab on Facebook and Twitter.

So how do you go about sending your questions in? There are a few ways:

Make sure you leave your name, age and contact details in your email as well.

p/s The picture above curi-ed from The Star archives btw. But I guess since this is a work-related post. *ahem*

11.07pm Malaysian time (+8 GMT)

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  2. One thing though – whilst KJ is becoming the de-facto MP of Twitterjaya, how about Tony Pua? He’s quite an avid Twitterer too.

    Can I just type my question here?

    YB Khairy, do you think one day, not too far away, all the Members of Parliament will start to use Twitter just like yourself and Tony?

    • Haha I think the “Twitterjaya” thing came in the after days of SMCKL where everyone acknowledged that it was KJ 1, Tony Pua 0 :)

  3. James Ford responded:

    · Reply

    YB, which came first, the chicken or the egg?

  4. yaz yahya responded:

    · Reply

    dear YB,
    Would like to express deepest appreciation from my family and myself for
    your attendances and that of your wife’s to my dads funeral some time back in January me that was symbolically a great gesture of his service to the government for thirty
    odd years,some of his best was with your father in law, and again we thank you
    for coming by..

  5. KakiBotek responded:

    · Reply

    Hypocrite ..niki Cheong kaki Botek kuat, useless..

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