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Pig heads thrown into two mosques in Malaysia

Cow heads on parade.

Molotov cocktails in churches and a school.

A Sikh temple pelted with stones.

Arson in two surau.

Pig heads in mosques.

Malaysiakini just broke the news about two pig heads thrown into mosques in Petaling Jaya. Washington Post has picked up on it.

Why is all this happening?

This is not my Malaysia. The core of our social fabric has always been unity and harmony.

I grew up with words like “multi-cultural”, “multi-racial” and “multi-religious”.

Have we forgotten about Muhibbah? Or even, yes, even 1Malaysia.

We cannot let this continue. I don’t care what the motives are. This needs to stop.

We need leadership … now.

11.49am Malaysian time (+8 GMT)

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  1. This is bad, real bad..
    Nowadays, Malaysia seems to be a dangerous place to live in.

    • Hi MsXeroZ,

      I don’t think Malaysia is any more dangerous than many parts of the world. These occurrence have a very strong agenda to it, and are not reflective of most Malaysians, in my honest opinion.

      • Heya Niki,

        The “dangerous” i meant was the feeling of anticipation that something bad is gonna happen. It’s as though a balloon going to burst. We don’t usually feel that way in the past. Hopefully this series of events will stop and we get to embrace harmony again.

  2. Swee Ping responded:

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    I’m wondering the same question myself. Have I been living in my own illusion where I believed in the existence of multiracial and multicultural living in harmony and unity….?

  3. Alan Tan responded:

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    Hey Niki,

    Don’t be too naive over the matter and as fact multi racial,muhhibah and even 1malaysia is a ‘post-modern propaganda’ acts by the our local authorities. Malaysia today may not be the same because back then it was called Malaya. Nonetheless, all the recent religious tension would not come to an end soon (don’t believe in it, just accept the fact) , i’m positive that the religion tension would enlarge and would build a gap between religious leader and politicians. (not the people or rakyat so to speak)

    I bloody enjoy nasi lemak and beef rendang. Anyway, i forgot the very last important thing, these tension we’re in it now can only be felt in major cities like KL and probably a few more satelite cities around the region. The culprit could have thrown the pig head to my garden and i can have a bbq feast tonight.

    I have no offence towards any race and religion in the world, if you think my words are harsh, please forgive me and delete my comments.

    Alan Tan – a simple malaysian

    • Hi Alan,

      Thanks for your message. I don’t necessary agree with you – I do think that Malaysia have been multi-racial and muhibbah et al, even post-Malaya. I will agree with you though, that the Malaysia today and Malaysia back then is very different. And the point is that we should be moving forward, not backwards.

      The leaders have to make the first move and, well, lead.

  4. KY responded:

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    where’s our leader when we need him?

    • Well, when the first couple of attacks happened – he was at PLUS getting a briefing. Sigh.

  5. The little country M is getting messier =.=”

  6. Yeah I agree with you… it’s sad because a small faction of Malaysians, people especially outside media deemed Malaysia as a dangerous place. That’s absurd.

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