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The right to protest

A few weeks ago, I was invited to write an article for a student publication. The theme for the issue I would be writing for is “student activism”. I found it a bit odd that I was asked to write a piece on this but the editor, in the invitation email, reminded me of my […]

Autumn in London

I was walking through Russell Square this morning, on the way to uni from Senate House Library when I saw this sight and told myself: Autumn may well be my favourite season of the year. 1.05pm Greenwich Meridian Time

Ethnicity and nationality - The Bangsar Boy in London

I originally wrote this article for my first column of Tale of Two Cities for StarMetro which was scheduled for October. I was meant to write monthly starting then after my The Bangsar Boy column was put on hold while I am here in London. However, due to scheduling issues, my first article will only […]

Student Protest in London - #Nov9

Last year, as I started making plans to come over to study in London, I heard about the British Government’s plans to cut spending on further education as well as increase the cap for tuition fees of local students. As someone who had spent a couple of years in Australia as an international student, I […]

Breast cancer - Have you gotten checked?

It’s technically the last day of Breast Cancer month, but better late than never to blog about it, I suppose. If you’ve been following me on here and on Twitter, among other places, you’ll know that in the past couple of years that cancer has been an issue rather close to my heart. Besides the […]

Laughing till you cry

A couple of months ago, I shared a YouTube video of Anderson Cooper on Twitter. I loved the video because it showed a real human side to Anderson, who is one of my favourite TV personalities of all time. Taken from on Flickr under the Creative Common License. What I really like about him […]

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