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Laos, here I come!

It’s still a few days away but I’m starting to get a bit excited over my trip to Laos. I leave for Vientienne next Tuesday for nine days, both for work and pleasure. I’ll be heading there with World Vision, to see a new area and community they are developing. Coming along the trip is […]


Update (10.13pm): At the bottom of this post, I mention that I’m too depressed to link to any sites. But I just saw this one titled Malaysia will launch another astronaut into space tonight … – which is bloody hilarious – and this one titled Petrol price hike … again!, which I thought was rather […]

Four days to KLX

I’m counting down … yes, I’m that excited. heh heh Still no news from them RandomActs people, so we’ll just have to wait and see. Two more days before the mp3s are released to the 90 RandomAgents. I wonder if I will find anything in my mailbox then? Don’t know what I’m talking about? Well, […]

Obama for President (was Obama creates history)

UPDATE (9.38am): Everyone, including CNN, BBC and even The Star, has reported that Senator Barack Obama, has won enough delegates to make him the first black presidential candidate. Am also currently watching live on Yahoo! News Hillary Clinton’s address in New York. She sounds like she’s conceding, but she also mentioned that: “Where do we […]

Fueling the problem - Petrol price might double?

Not too long ago, I blogged about Tan Sri Vincent Tan joining the Billionairre’s club, and asked our 10 richest Malaysians to help out with the fuel subsidy after the Second Finance Minister Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop said that the new scheme for subsidised items (where he hinted that lower- and middle-income groups would […]

KLX is coming to town

Yup, the mad man genius behind KL Freeze in Unison which I raved about previously has something new up his sleeve. All he is saying is it’s called KLX. He (and the RandomActs crew) wants you to get involved, and has posted a video invitation in the wee hours of this morning (yes, Zain HD is […]

The BRATs storms Penang

I have added at Captcha element to my blog – so you’ll need to take an extra step before leaving a comment. I sorry for this but the spam was getting too much. I hope this does not deter anyone from leaving a comment cos, well, I get excited when I see new comments. I […]

The Bangsar Boy: Looking Cool For School

Okay, so one thing I have never been associated with is the word “Cool”. Some people might disagree, considering the crowd that I hang around with, but back in my school days, I was anything but. So I’m not sure why the sub-editors chose this headline for my The Bangsar Boy article published today. So, […]

Martell VSOP Rising Personality of 2008

So, I spent the night with some friends (left work early, will suffer tomorrow – or rather, today) at the Martell Personality of the Year event held at KLpac. Elaine, who was also there as JP‘s guest (and one of four celebrity models for the auction segment), texted me earlier and said that the organisers […]

Struggling to understand politicians

So I was reading this article today about Former Parti Keadilan Rakyat Youth leader Ezam Mohd Nor rejoining UMNO when I came across this quote by Pak Lah: “He wants to come back to Umno and he will continue with the struggles of Umno according to the party’s goal and direction, and not Parti Keadilan.” […]

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