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I want to be a Billionaire too!

Just a quick note before I get on with my post. Am in Penang for a few days to run The Star’s BRATs programme. Access to the net isn’t a problem, but not sure if I can find the time. Will try though but just wanted to give the two people (hi mum, hi dad) […]

Indiana Jones: My thoughts

So much happening today. I missed American Idol final performances cos I was at Cineleisure Damansara to watch the new Indiana Jones movie. So, I have the performances loading on YouTube as I write this (should have fully loaded by the time I’m done). And the reason why I’m not in bed is cos I’m […]

V(V)esak Day

A couple of nights ago, my friend Larry was in town from Singapore and we met up for drinks along Jalan Bukit Bintang. I told him I couldn’t stay out late because it was Wesak Day the next morning, and he asked me, “Why is it spelt with a W? Not with a V?” I’m […]

Earthquake shakes Klang Valley, Malacca

Barely a couple of hours ago, I suddenly felt nauseous. At first, I thought that it was just a reaction from the bad tummy I’ve had all afternoon. But then, I noticed a couple of my friends’ status on Facebook which made reference to feeling the earth move and I thought, Oh oh, not again. […]

Tun M quits UMNO

Update: Also from The Star News Alert: “Umno veteran and former Kedah Menteri Besar Sanusi Junid also said he has quit Umno, will release official statement later” Oh, oh. A new political tsunami? I think all it will take is one current MP or even more significant, Cabinet member, to resign and all hell might […]

Good People

Just a quick one. I had just returned from watching a play staging at KLpac called Good People (okay, so I had a drink after the show, sue me). It is a Singaporean production by The Necessary Stage, a company run by my friends Alvin and Haresh (so I hope they don’t mind me stealing […]

The Bangsar Boy: The Sound of Music

On Wednesday, me, Elaine and a couple of friends drove over to 1-Utama to catch Marie Digby in person. I have to admit that I wasn’t a fan, and the only song I know from her is her cover of Rihanna’s Umbrella. Still, Hansen thought she smelt nice when they interviewed her on the NTV7 […]

All for unity: Malaysian Artiste for Unity

So, a bunch of Malaysian artistes called Malaysian Artistes for Unity came together to create a music video on unity. The song is called Here In My Home. At their website, they asked people to spread the video around. So I’m doing my part. Not that my opinion counts for alot, but if it does, […]

Citibank telemarketer - Rude awakenings

Yes, nicster has been a bad boy. My apologies for not having posted anything in a few days. I’d say that I was really busy with work – but Adam (yes, the same one who used to secretly fancy me *ahem*) told me last night that it’s just a really bad excuse. Okay then, I […]

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