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Rocking out at Urbanscapes!

What a day! Lots happened today (including finishing my taxes, which btw, is not finished yet) but the highlights had to be Urbanscape, then a nice foot reflexology with Elaine and Hansen and then yummy dinner at HSBC (the restaurant, not the bank). Live art? Haha We didn’t stay too long at the event held […]

Have you seen Rob (or -insert name here-)?

Well, I’ll be! Since I was away for a couple of weeks, and my petrol consumption was quite low considering I’ve been sitting in my office for an average of 14-16 hours a day this week, I haven’t actually pumped any petrol in my car since the fuel hike (I had filled a full tank […]

Wimbledon: Maria Sharapova bows out

Wow, what a day in tennis! I was busy with work the past few days, having just returned to work on Monday, so I missed some games. And I usually don’t get overly upset over missing the first couple of rounds, but this year’s Wimbledon is proving to be quite a spectacle. Although, that I […]

Laos Day 6: Parting ways

This will be my last post on my working trip to Laos with World Vision Malaysia. I know I promised a 10-part series, but even I am suffering from Laos fatigue on my blog (I will however blog once more on Laos later, about the rest of my trip where I did the touristy stuff). […]

Laos Part 5: Long journey

I’m not sure how the others felt, but I for one was tired. The trip was going well – I had made some great new friends, had experiences I’ve never before encountered and seen things I never thought I ever would – but still the late nights and early mornings was starting to take it’s […]

Laos Day 4: Feet first into the paddy field

My roommate Lucent and I were early for breakfast, so we went down to take some shots. My mum calls me a “fan tong”, translated is Cantonese for Rice Bin. It’s a reference to the fact that I can barely survive without rice. Although, in the context of these series of posts I’m blogging on, […]

RWP: It's that simple, it's that profound

I’m taking a breather from my Laos trip posts (there will be a couple later today – I need to finish my article for the paper first!) for a special announcement. I missed KLX, which I was blogging about so much before, due to the change of dates. It clashed with my Laos trip but […]

Laos Part 2: Different lives

It was an early morning, but everyone seemed raring to go but I was not quite sure what to expect. After all, besides some information on the couple of families we would be meeting, all I knew was that we were visiting a World Vision seed area – which basically means that they have identified […]

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