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KTMB: Gals, guys and couples

Guys, if you walk into a Keretapi Tanah Melayu commuter train soon which will full of women, don’t get any ideas. Walk out. Girls, the same goes for you (a compartment full of men, that is). It’s just a new policy by KTM Berhad, announced yesterday by its president Dr Aminuddin Adnan.

Something's wrong with our cops

I wish I could say that these were one of the things that we only watched in Hollywood movies or read about happening in other countries. The sad fact is that the police officers in Malaysia – rightly or wrongly – does not have a very good reputation so much so that a couple of […]

Tuesdays with Niki: Birthday Boys

Happy Birthday, Dad! Since my dad is the only family member of mine who consistently visits my blog (he never says he does but he always knows what’s on it!), he gets a birthday wish from me on here. Today is his birthday and we had dinner last night with mum and my brother-in-law Rizal.

I won a car in the Blog For FT competition

I thought I’d start with the picture above (taken by The Star photographer Glenn Guan) just in case any of you think I’m pulling your leg. But yes, yours truly won a car last night in the Blog For FT competition organised by the Ministry of Federal Territories and Urban Well-being.

Night out with Cyber-shot TX7

Those of you who often follow my blog will know that I had been until recently saving up to get a new camera. One of the biggest (and best, IMHO) reasons was that I wanted to be able to provide you guys with some nice pictures on my blog.

Last night in South Africa

Well, technically, I didn’t even post anything about the first night but Internet is really expensive here, not to mention slow, so I had to refrain. Besides, I was in the national park for the past three days so I didn’t even have Internet access!

Journey to the airport

So, I was in KLIA today (well, yesterday since it’s technically past midnight). I was walking around with NicoleKiss, who is on the trip with me, when I noticed the entrance to the Rainforest area in the satellite terminal.

The Bangsar Boy is a Chinese boy

Okay, so the drink above looks innocent enough. Could be anything right? Coffee, Milo, erm, juice. Well, how about tea then? Or specifically, fu cha (bitter tea). Well, that’s exactly what it was and yes, I drank it. In fact, I’ve been drinking it for many years.

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