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Oh Snap! Twestival KL 2009

This morning, I woke up early for a meeting before rushing over to a class I am teaching when I saw a Tweet from an online friend, Amanda. Some of you might be familiar with her work on Twestival, and that is exactly how I first encountered her when we applied to run Twestival KL […]

Oh snap! It's Sunday brunch

I’m not a great photographer but I like taking photos (and, in case you haven’t noticed, being in them). Over the years, I have attempted various experiments to either showcase them, or to highlight them (even in a personal capacity) but it never worked out. I had signed up for Photojojo but didn’t upload pictures […]

The Bangsar Boy - Lost & Found

The headline for my The Bangsar Boy article from Saturday was “Give others the benefit of the doubt”. I changed it for the subject of this post because I didn’t feel it reflected my article. Sure, that was one of the points I raised in the article – and arguably wrote about it at length […]

[ADV] I am a man of the world.

Are you?   Before you scoff at me, let me explain. Let me put this in context. I was thinking about Heineken’s new brand campaign as the world’s no.1 international premium beer brand titled Be A Man of The World. I started thinking about what it means to be just that … and whether or […]

I am a Sarong Party Boy

My friend Karen took this picture of Zain teaching me how to wear a sarong. I had joined the two of them and Juana at Zain’s house a few days ago to just lepak. When I walked in, I saw that all three of them were sarong-fied and was told that I had to join […]

The Bangsar Boy - Don’t make life difficult for transgenders

This week, in The Bangsar Boy, I encourage readers to help end discrimination against the transgender community. Taken from PhotoComiX from Flickr under the Creative Common License. Originally, I had actually written a different story for my column. But on the way to Perth, I read this article by my former colleague M Veera Pandiyan […]

Back in my kampung, Perth - 2011

Thanks to Adrian for this shot of me pretending to be part of the train levers at the Perth Train Station. In case you haven’t noticed from my tweets, I am back in Western Australia for the first time since 2008. Perth has always been a really special place to be because I lived here […]

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