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Back in my kampung, Perth - 2011

Thanks to Adrian for this shot of me pretending to be part of the train levers at the Perth Train Station. In case you haven’t noticed from my tweets, I am back in Western Australia for the first time since 2008. Perth has always been a really special place to be because I lived here […]

There was a missing child at Cheer 2011

Something occured at Cheer 2011 this year that I have never encountered before. A missing child was handed over to us amid the noise and screams that is normally associated with Cheer. And this time, when someone cried, it wasn’t a cheerleader who was upset that his/her team did not do as well as expected. […]

No harm in being nice - The Bangsar Boy

  This week, in my The Bangsar Boy article, I talk about the ugly Malaysian. Picture taken from Wurz on Flickr under Creative Commons License. I wrote: I have this terrible feeling that this is another of the many sides of the ugly Malaysian we often hear about. I don’t think that all Malaysians are […]

[ADV] Pouring is an art

Ever since I went over to Australia to complete my studies, I have been a beer person. Whether it was the culture, or peer pressure, I don’t know but my appreciation for the drink has not stopped since. But there is also a reason why I usually order bottles of drinks over a pint from […]

New York, New York (yes, I'm back)

The last time I was in New York was in 2007. I was there for work and terribly excited. Being such a fan of the musicals, I always wanted to visit Broadway. And see the Statue of Liberty. And hang out in all the museums. And walk down Wall Street. And immerse myself in Times […]

Search for the Afghan Girl documentary

I don’t watch much TV anymore these days. Actually, it’s been a few years. The times I do sit down is to watch American Idol and tennis grand slam tournaments with my dad. I guess because of the time factor, it’s hard to keep up with scheduled TV and I make up for it by […]

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