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[ADV] Looking for The Opener

So what happens when you open the fridge at home, and you find this? No, I’m not talking about discovering a nice cold bottle of Heineken. I’m talking about discovering that there’s only one bottle of beer left in the fridge. If you’re anything like me, you’d realise that one bottle just won’t do. So […]

The Bangsar Boy - Colour Blindness at our core

I can already imagine the negative comments that will come from this post (which, if it gets personal, I probably won’t approve). This week, in my The Bangsar Boy article, I once again take on the issue of race, in that I believe that Malaysians in general have long embraced 1Malaysia (but in a different […]

Today, I am officially jobless.

As of yesterday, the desk that I have been sitting at in Menara Star looks emptier than this. And as of today, I am officially jobless. Some of you may have heard (it’s not really a secret anyway) that I have resigned from The Star after spending over six years with the company. Yesterday was […]

Oh Snap! Twestival KL 2009

This morning, I woke up early for a meeting before rushing over to a class I am teaching when I saw a Tweet from an online friend, Amanda. Some of you might be familiar with her work on Twestival, and that is exactly how I first encountered her when we applied to run Twestival KL […]

Oh snap! It's Sunday brunch

I’m not a great photographer but I like taking photos (and, in case you haven’t noticed, being in them). Over the years, I have attempted various experiments to either showcase them, or to highlight them (even in a personal capacity) but it never worked out. I had signed up for Photojojo but didn’t upload pictures […]

The Bangsar Boy - Lost & Found

The headline for my The Bangsar Boy article from Saturday was “Give others the benefit of the doubt”. I changed it for the subject of this post because I didn’t feel it reflected my article. Sure, that was one of the points I raised in the article – and arguably wrote about it at length […]

[ADV] I am a man of the world.

Are you?   Before you scoff at me, let me explain. Let me put this in context. I was thinking about Heineken’s new brand campaign as the world’s no.1 international premium beer brand titled Be A Man of The World. I started thinking about what it means to be just that … and whether or […]

I am a Sarong Party Boy

My friend Karen took this picture of Zain teaching me how to wear a sarong. I had joined the two of them and Juana at Zain’s house a few days ago to just lepak. When I walked in, I saw that all three of them were sarong-fied and was told that I had to join […]

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