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London thus far, my Project 365

A couple of posts ago, I wrote about embarking on a new Project 365 (yes, I’ve been here before but never completed it) to kind of chronicle my trip in London. It’s not all about sites and events, I wanted to have little bits of memories from the year. I had a couple of ideas […]

London Boy, Birthday Boy, Bangsar Boy

Last year, I rushed over from my trip to France on Sept 22 for the dinner below at Belgo’s in London to celebrate my birthday. Tonight, these same bunch of people plus a few others, will come together again to celebrate with me as I turn 32. It was during this dinner that the seed […]

The Bangsar Boy bids farewell ... for now

It seemed so long ago that the image above first appeared in StarMetro. In actual, fact, it’s only been five years. Well, today, that chapter comes to an end. My article for today’s The Bangsar Boy will be the last time I write under that monicker. In my article, I wrote: In The Bangsar Boy, […]

Arriving at King's College, London

One of the first sights I saw in London yesterday after arriving was this crest at the Strand entrance to King’s College London. I went to the uni just hours after landing in Heathrow yesterday because my enrollment slot was at 12pm. But it was a good way to keep me awake as well and helped me […]

Visiting Ground Zero, 10 years after Sept 11

Every year, on this day, I would write a blog post referring to an article I wrote in 2002 to mark the first anniversary of Sept 11 (this was my blog post from last year with some photos). It’s not that I’ve not had the time, or been too lazy to write something new, it’s […]

[ADV] Looking for The Opener

So what happens when you open the fridge at home, and you find this? No, I’m not talking about discovering a nice cold bottle of Heineken. I’m talking about discovering that there’s only one bottle of beer left in the fridge. If you’re anything like me, you’d realise that one bottle just won’t do. So […]

The Bangsar Boy - Colour Blindness at our core

I can already imagine the negative comments that will come from this post (which, if it gets personal, I probably won’t approve). This week, in my The Bangsar Boy article, I once again take on the issue of race, in that I believe that Malaysians in general have long embraced 1Malaysia (but in a different […]

Today, I am officially jobless.

As of yesterday, the desk that I have been sitting at in Menara Star looks emptier than this. And as of today, I am officially jobless. Some of you may have heard (it’s not really a secret anyway) that I have resigned from The Star after spending over six years with the company. Yesterday was […]

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