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[ADV] Pouring is an art

Ever since I went over to Australia to complete my studies, I have been a beer person. Whether it was the culture, or peer pressure, I don’t know but my appreciation for the drink has not stopped since. But there is also a reason why I usually order bottles of drinks over a pint from […]

New York, New York (yes, I'm back)

The last time I was in New York was in 2007. I was there for work and terribly excited. Being such a fan of the musicals, I always wanted to visit Broadway. And see the Statue of Liberty. And hang out in all the museums. And walk down Wall Street. And immerse myself in Times […]

Search for the Afghan Girl documentary

I don’t watch much TV anymore these days. Actually, it’s been a few years. The times I do sit down is to watch American Idol and tennis grand slam tournaments with my dad. I guess because of the time factor, it’s hard to keep up with scheduled TV and I make up for it by […]

[ADV] What’s your story?

You guys probably know by now that I’m not in the country (yes, I’m in Canada) but that doesn’t mean I can’t blogged to share with you all some goodies. And just what goodies are these, you ask? Well, let’s see. How about: RM5,000 cash (for the 1st prize), RM2,000 (for the 2nd prize) and […]

New boyband in town: We Promise You?

So, apparently flattery will get you anywhere. Or in my case, a mention on my blog. Haha! Picture taken from roadsidepictures from Flickr under the Creative Commons Code. So, today I came across this website belonging to a new “boyband” in town with a great love for music (they love it so much that they’d […]

The Bangsar Boy: Slowly growing to love pets

This was Rot when I first met her sometime last year. I had come home in the middle of the night and was getting a drink in the kitchen when she just sat there and looked at me. Even when I walked upstairs to get the camera and came back again, she hadn’t left. Rot […]

Catch Diplo live in KL

Wanna catch Diplo live? I have five pairs of passes to give away! These passes will entitle you to party at the exclusive BlackBerry VIP Lounge at the event and also get two free drinks! I’ll be there too! All you need to do is show us your most hip picture posing with your BlackBerry […]

Fahmi Fadzil, Blu Inc and defamation

As I sit here typing this, my Twitter timeline is flooded with tweets using the #defahmi hashtag (a brilliant one, I might add!). I have been trying to write this blog post for the last hour, but it’s so interesting monitoring people’s thoughts and opinions on it. Taken from _DaniloRamos on Flickr under Creative Commons […]

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