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Oh Snap! Twestival KL 2009

This morning, I woke up early for a meeting before rushing over to a class I am teaching when I saw a Tweet from an online friend, Amanda. Some of you might be familiar with her work on Twestival, and that is exactly how I first encountered her when we applied to run Twestival KL for the first time in 2009. A friend of hers, Hugh Garry who worked for BBC One in the UK until recently was in town and she suggested that we catch up. And so we did.

So today’s Oh Snap! picture is from Twestival 2009 – the event that introduced me to Amanda and which lead me to meeting so many people in Malaysia and around the world. Now that the events are over, the connections are still growing strong and extending, as my tea meet with Hugh shows.

Coincidentally, I was trying to clear my thumbdrive this morning to transfer my presentation for the class and had to move some folders onto my desktop to make space. The Twestival KL 2009 photos (which I’ve not looked at in almost two years) were in one of these folders.

Twestival KL 2009

About my Oh Snap! “project”.

I’m not a great photographer but I like taking photos (and, in case you haven’t noticed, being in them). Over the years, I have attempted various experiments to either showcase them, or to highlight them (even in a personal capacity) but it never worked out. I had signed up for Photojojo but didn’t upload pictures enough to be consistent. Then I tried Project 365 but found it to be too much work.

Yet, when I was thinking about it the other day, I have so many photos taken over the years that I have not seen myself, or published in any way. Hence, I’m introducing a new “category” to my blog called Oh Snap! where I will share a picture from the past every now and then. The idea is that I will post a picture from the past that is triggered in my memory by a current event or occurrence.

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