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Oh snap! It's Sunday brunch

I’m not a great photographer but I like taking photos (and, in case you haven’t noticed, being in them). Over the years, I have attempted various experiments to either showcase them, or to highlight them (even in a personal capacity) but it never worked out. I had signed up for Photojojo but didn’t upload pictures enough to be consistent. Then I tried Project 365 but found it to be too much work.

Yet, when I was thinking about it the other day, I have so many photos taken over the years that I have not seen myself, or published in any way. Hence, I’m introducing a new “category” to my blog called Oh Snap! where I will share a picture from the past every now and then. The idea is that I will post a picture from the past that is triggered in my memory by a current event or occurrence.

I meant to start off last week but got too busy (my constant excuse) but I received some news yesterday which made me think this was a fitting way to start.

Brunch at Pink Sage

The picture above was taken on Sunday morning at the old Pink Sage (which has since moved, and subsequently shut down) with my friends Carmen, Emily, Alex, Elaine, Wei and Liza. It was a nice way to relax on a Sunday, with lots of laughter, chatter and in the case of some, booze.

Alex passed away yesterday, after a battle with cancer. I’ve only known him in the recent few years – although he was a stalwart in the local Malaysian entertainment industry – and most of our contact, besides partying at events together, were these breakfast sessions and on Twitter.

Rest in peace, Alex. Thanks for all the laughter and joy.

10.17am Malaysian time (+8 GMT)

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  1. I know the focus is about Alex, but let me just comment: Booze in broad daylight? At breakfast? Oh Nikki 😀

    • Alex would have replied on here going, “Shudduuppp … why cannot? Pull the Twin Towers out of your ass and leave us alonneeeeee”. 😀

  2. maybe you should try for your day to day pictures. you will be required to post a picture once every day. It’s fun. =)

    • Thanks for the suggestion. I need to get the discipline to upload a picture a day. 😀

      I have a “project” coming up. I might just use that! :)

  3. No biggie. Goodluck! I like your blog by the way. :)


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