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New Year, New Blog Look

Old Look

Farewell 2009, and Hello 2010.

New Look

You likey?

Like my previous post mentioned, it’s not 100% yet but it’s almost there. I need to change some static content, and figure out a couple of features that doesn’t seem to be working. Grr … hehe But let me know what you think of it folks.

Off to Malacca today but I have a few posts in mind, will see if I get some time to look for free WiFi!

Happy New Year again.

10.28pm Malaysian time (+8 GMT)

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  1. it's nice..but kinda empty on the right side..'s okay anyway, good to change once in a still stuck with my orange template since.. may 08.. lol..happy new year, and all the best! =)

  2. It's optimised for 1024 resolution lah. That's why the right side seems a bit bare. 😀

  3. No offence but I prefer the older one? Looked much more professional.

  4. nice nice! i think it's much better than the older one 😀 left align can be refreshing at times! kenwooi must be using a too canggih monitor 😛 anyway, your nuffnang top banner is out of place on my screen too, i figured that it's because you place it right after the <body> tag on your theme, thus on higher resolution screens it will go out of the box of your theme (which isn't a good thing in this case!)try placing it after the <div id=”wrapper”> tag right before <div id=”sidebar-left”>, then it should be fine. :) oh, and happy new year!! 😀

  5. Ya also think that there's too much on the right… and the nuffnang ad at the top isn't centred…Can't shift it all to the right a bit?

  6. axiao responded:

    · Reply to go to previous post?

  7. Happy New Year 1010 and can only comment when it is finish… Have a great trip

  8. Thanks for your comment! :) Yeah, some people do prefer the older one. I just needed a bit of change … and to have a bit more fun. Heh :)

  9. Hey, Happy New Year!Thanks for the advice! I did what you said and you're right – looks pretty good, if I do say so myself!

  10. You can navigate from the main page or use the search feature. Or the Wibiya bar below lets you check most recent posts.I'll be adding an archive list soon though!

  11. You don't like the red? I'm thinking I might change the colour of this site every now and then 😀

  12. Thanks Ed! :)

  13. I've fixed the ad. But as for being too “left” it's cos the site is optimised for 1024. :) Thanks for the note tho!

  14. jfook responded:

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    It's nice.:)

  15. himmatsingh responded:

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    Hey Niki. Nice original layout…warm colours.Well, I am a newbie but I hope you would care to listen to only 2 of my points.1) You don't seem to have a header…and perhaps you can add a creative tagline with it too.2) You shouldn't have the 'read more' buton as although it looks more compact and cleaner, many first time visitors won't be bothered to read the full-story.Otherwise mayte…it is a good blog(also put ur recent posts sidebar widget higher).Cheers and Happy Blogging.

  16. Macam ini okay sikit daripada what you showed me that time.

  17. Okay sikit, is better than tak okay langsung. 😛 I will take it. heh

  18. Thanks for your opinions Himmat. And thanks for coming back!

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