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New look for my blog

Those of you who have dropped by before here before would notice that my blog has a new look.

Of course, my father – and my boss Ivy – told me that they can’t see the difference except that the masthead now has my name. And to think I stressed myself out for two days over Hari Raya to get my blog done.

nicster^ rants 3.0

But I am not disheartened … because I love it. It’s not the best design or best looking blog out there but I take pride in the fact that I actually made modifications to the original theme by Jai, all by myself! Yes, this is the first time I’ve actually done more than just use someone’s theme (well, there were some basic HTML changes when I was on MovableType a few years ago).

Most significantly, however, is that by spending all this time, I am committing myself to continue with my blogging. When I gave nicster^ rants life again in April, I wasn’t sure if I could sustain it. After all, I quite blogging in 2005 because I had taken a full-time job which required me to do a lot of writing (and therefore blogging started to feel like work.

Even Michael, a colleague, posted on my Facebook yesterday, in response to my status message about how I was done with my blog (done as in fixing it, not giving up):

what, no more blogging? Feeling too much like err.. work to you? haha.

I blog for others as much as I blog for myself. And I always have. I remember back while I was still in Australia studying, and I started my blog. My friends couldn’t understand why I would waste my time.I suppose as someone who has always embraced technology, been willing to try new things (plus, I was an Internet Studies major), I took to blogging early on. Recently I even got a Facebook message from Courtney, a really good friend of mine, which read:

I didn’t realize nicster’s rants were still going. I can remmebr in uni when you started your blog and I though…who would want to read about someone elses life! what a fool I am!

It’s been about six or seven years since, and I’m happy to still be here. And that you’re here reading this. Thanks.

2.42pm Malaysian time (+8 GMT)

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  1. LiPing responded:

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    The new layout is more organized, i see. But the colour is a bit dull…
    Keep up the good “work”, Niki! Rather, thanks to you, i have this blog as my reading pleasure.

  2. Sam responded:

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    Hi Niki, I stumbled upon your blog few months ago when i was trying to find out who this Bangsar Boy is..I am not sure why but i always thought the Bangsar Boy is someone is in his fifties.. But you are so young!

    Anyway, the new-look feels neater but the background colour is a bit boring though… But i still enjoy reading your blog, your newsflash keeps me up-to-date with the news around town. Keep up the good work!

  3. Eeks! Seems a lot of people have issues with the background colour. Need to rethink (and er, see if I have the skills to change it or not!).

    But thanks for dropping by guys. LiPing, as always, and Sam – nice to cyber-meet you. Fifties. Oer!

  4. Swee Ping responded:

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    I like the old template better somehow. Ah, just my own opinion though.

  5. Miux responded:

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    Looks like i visited ur blog when ur in the middle of revamping it 😀
    No wonder it was kinda empty in certain areas.

    Yours is way cleaner and more organised. The luxury of havin a personal domain, haha.

    The cop-mohor-like-thingy is cool as well :)

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