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New boyband in town: We Promise You?

So, apparently flattery will get you anywhere. Or in my case, a mention on my blog. Haha!

Flattery, the Nine Volt BatteryPicture taken from roadsidepictures from Flickr under the Creative Commons Code.

So, today I came across this website belonging to a new “boyband” in town with a great love for music (they love it so much that they’d sing it over and over again with different lyrics).

The best part is, they wrote and sang a song about me (or rather my blog post on my going over to New York). In case you guys didn’t know, I’m in transit to NYC at the moment, thanks to Hotmail, to visit the X-Men Stunt School where I’ll get to try some stunts out with other bloggers and contest winners. You can read the blog post here.

Back to the boyband called … are you ready for it? We Promise You. So, anyway, I thought the song was pretty cool and I’d share it here with you.

I don’t have much time but I wanted to address this from a social media perspective as well (not just an ego thing).

I was Twittering with @KimberlyCun about it and she used the right term when describing the campaign – “proper engagement of online community”.

In short (and from what I gather), We Promise You is an online campaign by PayPal to promote its Buyer Protection policy on transaction. What they’ve done is gone into the blogs of some online personalities and made parodies of their blog posts.

It maes perfect sense, chances are that these personalities are influencers and as such, they would surely spread the word (as I am now) about the product – for free! I’m so tickled by the video that I’ve already sent several tweets out promoting the site.

The best part is, they are not engaging me for this campaign (I don’t even know who is behind this) so in my opinion, these are the best campaign.

As you can see – as much as they rely on Twitter and Facebook – that there is more to the campaign than meets the eye (so you know they spent money on this – I at least hope they are paying the four guys there!).

I wish I had time to look into this campaign more in depth but I don’t (maybe when I come back). In the mean time, enjoy the video and check out the rest as well! :)

8.30am Malaysian time (+8GMT) - actually, I don't know what time it is where I am now. This post has been scheduled to go live while I'm on board the plane!

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    Wow…I think it looks great!

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