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My World AIDS Day 2011

Truth be told, I almost forgot that it was World AIDS Day today. Not that I actually forgot the date (it’s Dec 1 each year) but I didn’t realise December had arrived, and so soon as well.

I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve lost track of days or that my life currently lacks the routine I am used to. For the past six years back in KL (and for some years before that as well), I always made it a point to run HIV/AIDS-related articles in conjunction with World AIDS Day. In 2008, R.AGE even won the Red Ribbon Award from the Malaysian AIDS Council (read it here and here).

I suppose because of my role in planning the pages, it made it easier to remember the date.

It’s a good thing then that I had a Red Ribbon handy (I have a bowl of it back home for easy access) that I got from participating in last weekend’s Positive East 5K Red Run 2011 that I participated in.

The run was held at Clapham Common, just around the corner from where I live. I had also not run since I got to London more than two months ago so I thought this was a good way to kickstart my “hobby” again. Best of all, it was a chance for me to do something for charity (I’ve tried to help out wherever I can back home, including lending my face to an exhibition/calendar project by Ruumz and Pink Triangle last year called AIDSaware).

The run was on Sunday but I only found out about the race on Saturday when my friend Adam (pictures in the centre below; Rob, on the right, came to cheer us on) posted on Twitter asking for people to donate to his fundraising efforts which I contributed to. I managed to raise £78.50 in less than 24 hours which I thought was a great feat.

Thanks so much to my friends back home, and in London, for contributing to the run.

I’m glad I managed to do something this World AIDS Day. If you’ve known me for a while, you would know that HIV/AIDS is a cause close to my heart and goes back to my college days pre-millenium.

Which is why it was quite disheartening for me to notice that there were so few people wearing the red ribbon today in London. From all my walk from morning till night, I only noticed three other people wearing it (and those three was when I walked through Soho, so I expected more).

You don’t need to wait till World AIDS Day to make yourself aware about HIV/AIDS or get educated and tested. You know what to do.

11.34pm Greenwich Meridian Time

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